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8 Common Myths About Travelling And Camping With Kids

common myths about traveling and camping with kids

Recently, there was an article on CNN that spoke about how cumbersome it is to travel or go camping with kids. Couples were advised to travel with their children only when they are old enough to know that airplane windows cannot open and that throwing tantrums mid-flight isn’t going to help.

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Now, while vacationing with kids is challenging, it isn’t all that difficult as is often portrayed in the news media. Here are a few common myths about vacationing with kids that have been debunked in the past few years:

All you can choose are theme park destinations

Not necessary at all! Travelling with kids need not be about destinations with only children-friendly activities. Camping is very definitely an option, and places like Orlando, Los Angeles, London and Cape Town have amazing activities for kids and their parents alike. Companies like Tots Too, for example, provide you with a number of such destinations where you have activities for the whole family, not just the kids.

Travelling with your toddler isn’t safe

Most popular destinations, even the obscure ones, have low crime rates and are considered safe places. Yes, every city is going to have sketchy neighbourhoods and so it is imperative that you avoid exploring them with your baby. We recommend getting first aid kits, medications and making sure your child has all the recommended vaccinations. Apart from that, vacationing with kids is totally safe.

Having kids increase baggage

While you certainly need to pack your toddler’s clothes and bedding, there is no need to pack in diapers, toys and all their stuffed animals. The onus of entertaining your child is on you and if you do it right, your kiddo won’t even miss his toys in the slightest. Besides, you can always buy feeding bottles and diapers at your destination.

Strollers are a nuisance

This is somewhat true depending on where you’re going. Our advice would be to research a destination and if there is a lot of walking and hiking you want to do, consider getting a cheap stroller. Or you might want to pack a sling.

Kids have a problem getting used to foreign cuisine

Sure, don’t give them anything too spicy or from a roadside shack to eat. As long as the food is bland and served in moderation, your kids won’t likely fall sick. Moreover, they’ll get a chance to experience various spices and flavours at a young age. Consider food tasting an adventure for your toddler and chances are that they’ll love it.

Jet lag is far more prominent with toddlers

There is no concrete research that reports that kids take a longer time in getting adjusted to new time zones. Maybe it is travel fatigue that keeps them up at night and makes them cry. Late night walks and family bonding activities are a great idea to keep your kids in their best spirits.

You will not have ‘alone time’ with your spouse if you travel with kids.

Not true. You spend entire days frolicking around with your kids and as they get busy with their assigned activities (music lessons for small kids, for example), you are given the space to have an intimate evening with your spouse.

Travelling with kids is a draining experience

It can be a brilliant experience. Travelling with your children, watching them grow and learn from their experiences, watching them open up to the world and get exposed to new cultures is rewarding. Plus, it is quality family time spent together, which helps your kids to develop strong personalities. Here are more tips for family camping and travelling with children and tips from an expert parent in a family story.

Long story short, do not fear travelling with your kids, and definitely don’t fear camping as a part of that. It is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have in life. Take a trip with your toddler and create marvellous memories, which you will both treasure in the future.

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