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9 Awesome Tips To Get The Best Of Your Car Camping Trip

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Getting away from it all is something most of us love. There are several ways to do this, but one of the most enjoyable trips is in the car while camping. By choosing to take this route for your holiday you are making a conscious choice to get the best out of your road trip and to stay in control of where you go. With so much to see, eat, and experience car camping is an adventurer’s dream.

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There are some things you need to know before pulling out of the garage so let’s get to 5 awesome tips to get the best out of your car camping trip.

#1 Get The Car Checked Out

It’s hard to deny that the most important way to get the best out of your road trip is to make sure your vehicle is in good working order. Unless you are a mechanic it never hurts to have everything check out from the battery to tires for pickup trucks. What could be worse than breaking down in an area unfamiliar to you?

Sure, there are a ton of things worse than that, but even if you got a flat tire next to a motor service center it’s a minor inconvenience that could have been avoided if you had your vehicle checked out. You’ll not only be happier you did, but you will also feel safer out on the road. Not only for you but for your passengers as well.

#2 Do Your Research

While you want to camp in the Redwoods of California it would be a bad idea to just jump in the car and go. When is the best time of year in that area? Are the campgrounds free for rental spots? Sure there are some things you want to leave open for spontaneous decisions but it’s never a bad idea to have some stuff taken care of ahead of time.

There are several ways to do research on your trip. The internet is one of the best assets when it comes to that kind of thing. There are ample places to find advice on great places to camp in your car as well as what to see when you get there. You can get a notebook and keep a journal of all your plans. No one says you have to stick to it. That’s the joy of being in your own vehicle.

#3 Know What You Need And If It Will Fit

No two trips are alike. Nor are many cars. There are essentials when it comes to camping and some things that are luxuries. Of course, those do not only depend on your personal comfort level they will be specific to your destination. Will you be travelling somewhere warm or cold? If you are planning on sleeping in the car, how can you make that the most comfortable it can be?

There are tons of air mattresses, car tents and other inventions out there that will make your trip easier and cosy. The key is to not overdo it. Sure, everyone would love to have a refrigerator in their vehicle but not everyone can fit one in! Make a list of essentials and luxuries in accordance with your needs and start from the top down. You’ll make the right decisions for your trip.

#4 Curtains

If you are sleeping in the car everyone will be up at the crack of dawn if you don’t find a way to cover up the windows. There are shades and foldouts that are made for this specific purpose but this isn’t something you need to spend your trip cash on if money is tight. Find a way to get some old sheets over those windows and you’re good to go.

#5 Mattress

We already mentioned this but a good night’s sleep is important, especially when you plan on doing long hours of driving. If you have a hatchback of some type of vehicle with an area for an air mattress this is what you should spend that money on. It can make the difference between sunny mornings sipping coffee in nature or cursing your aching back.

#6 Heat

You can’t leave your vehicle running all night. It’s unsafe, it’s not cost-effective. Something to take note of is that no matter how warm the weather is supposed to be where you are headed there is always a risk of a cold front coming through. You don’t want to be caught without a heat source. There are travel heaters for sale and other safe methods of maintaining heat in your car.

#7 Light

Flashlights are important but there is also car lighting. You will run your battery low if you use the lights in your car. Just like air mattresses and heating devices designed for car travel there are also lighting systems available. There are even solar-powered options, which will save you money for the fun stuff.

#8 Bring An Outdoor Set Up

No one is going to spend any time in the car if they don’t have to. A great way to avoid it is to bring along things like a tent, a hammock, collapsable chairs, tables, coolers, cooking gear, and a lantern. All of these things are designed to be easily packed and not take up too much space. Only you can decide what is important but these items could be considered essentials.

#9 Leave A Trail

Being on the road and unreachable sounds peaceful and relaxing but it’s important that someone knows where you are headed and how you are going to get there. It would be wise to let someone track you while you are gone and make a pact to check in every so often to be sure you are okay.

This is especially important if you are travelling alone. You never know what you’ll run into or who. While the odds are in your favour of not running into any trouble, accidents can happen and it’s always best to be safe. When someone is aware of your journey and keeping track while still at home, then you have a backup plan in place.

And Finally…

Now that you are ready and feeling safe to head out into the wilderness don’t forget to leave all your worries behind. Camping is an excellent mental health retreat. This is your time to enjoy the landscape and reconnect with nature.

What tips do you have for a comfortable and relaxing car camping trip?

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