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Easy Camping Meals For The Campsite

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We’re now going to reveal our secret camping meal, which gives you healthy camping food the whole family can get involved in. It’s a camping food idea we came up with when we were struggling to set up the camper van at the campsite with children at our feet who kept complaining of being hungry.

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It’s easy camping food with no frills, but it quick, cheap and healthy and a ready to eat meal you can get the whole family involved in. It would even make ideal backpacking food and hiking food as you don’t need to cook it, which makes it ideal for the trail. So let us show you this easy camping food that we love to get out of the bag whenever we visit the campsite. Our garlic and basil crisp bread special!

All you need is:

Ripe tomatoes
Clove of garlic
Basil leaves
whole grain Swedish toast or crisp bread

Then the whole family can get involved in first rubbing the garlic clove lightly along the top of the crisp bread. Then take a piece of ripe tomato and do the same making sure you rub quite a bit of the flesh, seeds and juice to add flavour. Finally top it with fresh basil. It really is that simple… but massively tasty.

You can eat it on it’s own, or add a bit of protein and some salad and you have some healthy camping food to put a smile on everyone’s face, so it’s definitely one for the camping list you keep in your ready bag.

This delicious and satisfying camping meal is our personal favourite and we hope you enjoy it as much at the campsite as when you’re at home.

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Picture Credits: Sarah Riley

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