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Camping Road Trip Locations You Must Try To Visit This Year

Kefalonia, Greece

Adult life can be difficult, tiring and stressful. The working week is full to the brim of papers, contracts, deadlines, and a ton of job-related errands. Sometimes you just want to take a road trip somewhere, pitch a tent, and spend the day looking towards the seaside. However, fret not for here are the best camping destinations in the UK which are just a short road trip away.

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Scotland offers a variety of topographies—from hills, moors, glens, and lochs. Because of relaxed trespassing laws, campers can just pitch their tent anywhere, subject to some guidelines contained in the Outdoor Access Code. Throw some supplies in the trunk of your car, fuel up, and start that road trip. Once you find a patch of land suitable to your taste, park your car and make your camp. Scottish laws make it a right for any person to access most land and inland water including woods and forests, rivers, lochs, most parks, and all open spaces, except for residential houses and associated lands, sports fields, military bases, and construction sites.

However, if the open country on a camping road trip is not your taste, try the Dunnet Bay Caravan and Camping site at Dunnet Head. It is a secluded spot nestled in a crescent-shaped beach, under the cliffs of Dunnet Head. Bring your kite along as the winds there are perfect for flying kites. If tents are not your thing, try a wigwam or a tepees in Mains Farm Wigwams, located in Stirling, Scotland.

Camping in a campervan in France

Welsh campers can pack their bags and drive to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. On your way, make sure to drive by several of the medieval castles scattered across the landscape. Pitch a tent or hire one of the caravan holiday homes or motor caravans in the area. Spend the afternoon lounging under the sun overlooking Fishguard bay. Walk along the coastline under the towering cliffs of Pembrokeshire.

Cornwall is just a few hours away from England’s capital city, London. For Londoners, it’s approximately a four-hour drive to the Cornish coastline. Discover the Eden Project’s hi-tech biomes, or the jungle foot paths of the Lost Gardens of Helligan. Bring the whole family and camp out at Trevornick Holiday Park overlooking Holywell Bay Beach.

Have you ever heard of Glamping? It’s short for Glamorous Camping which is all the rage in the UK, and never more so than in Northern Ireland. You can choose from tepees at the Tepee Valley, camping pods at Castle Ward, or immerse yourself in the outdoors at Jungle NI. Tepee Valley offers a traditional Native American tepee experience, complete with two yurts, a dome, or a log cabin. Splurge on Rosie Lee, a fully-furnished gypsy caravan that can be your home for a few days at camp. You can also drive over to Causeway Coast Wigwams and experience camping in an authentic wigwam.

If camping’s your thing, there are no end of places to visit. And if it isn’t, what are you waiting for? There’s a whole new world – sometimes a wet and windy one, but never dull – out there just begging to be discovered.

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