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Glamping And Camping Family Road Trip Essentials!

Glamping And Camping Family Road Trip Essentials!

No one wants to start their vacation sitting on the side of the road waiting for a rescue tow so there are a few glamping and camping family road trip essentials to plan for!

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Glamping And Camping Family Road Trip Essentials!

It’s important to always check your vehicle before you set out on a long trip even if you use it regularly each week. So if you have a road trip planned, here are a few things to think about before you set off.

So about a week before you set off, check things like your oil levels, spare tires, working tires, battery life, washer fluids, and anything else that could cause last-minute problems on the road.

Check your campervan, caravan, van, or car before you leave

If you are driving a campervan or caravan be sure to check the habitation areas to make sure they are safe, and leak-free and that all working areas are operating and liquid levels are full. 

If your vehicle needs a habitation check or a service then scheduling this a few weeks prior is wise to allow for any unexpected work to be carried out before you need to leave.

Glamping And Camping Family Road Trip Essentials!

Balance your load

There are a few key rules to getting the vehicles you are driving or towing balanced out so they perform best while traveling.

Start by putting the heavier items as near to the centre of the vehicle as possible or over the wheel axle. 

Also, consider putting the bags you might need to access regularly near your seat while the rest can be buried along with the other luggage.

If you are loading a caravan, having the heaviest weight over the axle is important to stop tow sway, and locking cupboards will stop anything from tipping out while driving. The last thing you need is to arrive at the campsite with a caravan sprayed with rice!

Happy kids = happy adults!

Keeping the kids entertained is what stands between you and a great trip or a nightmare. The traditional game ‘I Spy’ is great for younger kids, while the naughty ‘registration plate’ game is a great game for teenagers. 

Either one can help you pass the time but for longer trips, a more strategic approach might be the best so get your kids to fill a bag with everything that they might want to use to keep them entertained, just beware of books and screens as using them while in a vehicle can bring on sickness to even the most road hardy little warriors. Instead, music and ebooks work really well, especially if you can find something that everyone is happy to listen to.

Breaks, snacks, and drinks

While it’s a great idea to have lots of drinks and snacks for the journey, don’t use this as an excuse not to stop en route. I remember driving from Scotland to southern England in one day as a teenager, with only one toilet stop allowed and it made the whole experience unbearable. In fact, it was so difficult, I can no longer remember the holiday I can only remember the nightmare of not being able to take a break and how difficult this made the entire experience. Trust me when I say, they are not the kind of memories you want to be making for your kids!

Pack a medicine kit

Travel sickness can arrive unexpectedly and quickly, so it’s a great idea to have family-friendly kits in the car just in case you can’t stop. For example, if you are on the motorway then it can be a little while before you can pull over so having the right medicines within reach can be really helpful. Other things like sick bags, painkillers, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes are also handy for the worst-case scenario while on the road.

Share passenger and driving duties

Traveling to your destination can be a great time to get excited about your trip, but the role of driver or passenger management can often leave people feeling a bit drained a few hours into the journey. So even if you are feeling strong, it is a good idea to switch duties if possible. This means you can recharge your battery by doing something else. But if you are both feeling tired then a 10-minute power nap followed by a coffee in the car park is always great advice.

What is your best advice for glamping and camping family road trip essentials?

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