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A Campfire Grill Ideal For The Campsite

Campfire grill bbq and the beach

If you’re a lover of the campfire, and yet rarely cook over it, then the Campfire Grill could be the product for you. We were sent one to try out and we were pleasantly surprised by how efficient and easy it was to use.

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We rolled up at the beach with our food, some paper and matches and that was all we needed to produce a perfect Sunday barbecue. The children enjoyed collecting sticks washed up along the shoreline and building the fire. It took very little time to fix the Campfire Grill in place so as soon as the fire was hot enough we started cooking.

There’s a very handy rim around the grill, which stops you from losing your sausages in the ash, and a sturdy grill surface and stand. You can also change the height of the grill surface to control the heat depending on how hot your campfire is, which is very useful. It’s heavy, so it’s not perfect if you have to carry it a long way, but it comes with a very handy tote bag which is ideal for storing dry tinder to ensure a successful campfire every time.

You can use the Gampfire Grill to cook anything you might want at the campsite. We even dried a pair of the children’s socks that got wet and it crisped them up a treat. It’s also sturdy enough to have a pot or pan placed on the top, as long as you secure the stand deep enough in the ground before or you will see it tip over.

You need a hammer or rock to secure the stand in the ground or the grill won’t be steady for cooking. If this was the campsite then it’s very likely you will have a mallet anyway, but it’s something to consider before you go outside with the intention of cooking, as you might end up going hungry especially if the ground is quite hard.

The Summary

Good Bits… The Campfire Grill seems very strong, durable and hard-wearing, perfect for being lugged around with your camping gear, but only if you don’t have to pack light. It also comes with a useful bag to store the grill which could become grimy with cooking oils. Being able to set it up quickly is fantastic, as is the useful raised rim and ability to change the height of the grill surface.

Not So Good Bits… You would need a hammer, mallet or large rock to secure the stand in the ground before using the grill so this is something for your camping checklist or you may find your sausages in the ash before you can say “banger!”. If you intend to use this at your campsite you must first check they allow open fires.

We enjoyed using the Campfire Grill and particularly enjoyed the whole process of making the campfire with the kids before using the grill, and it would make a fantastic accessory if you want to camp in an area where campfires are allowed… 4 stars.

Copy and picture credits: Sarah

Inspired Camping Stars:
*****  We’d sell our Granny and cut off our right arm to get one of these!
****  This is great and comes highly recommended from us.
***  We recommended this but there are a few imperfections.
**  Not ready to recommend this yet, but it’s getting there.  
*  We wouldn’t recommend this to a sleeping goat!
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