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E-Learn Anywhere in the World – Even While Camping!

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E-Learning may be one of the greatest innovations for continuing education to date in the 21st Century. Continuing education via the internet, not only means you can study in your home or office; it also means you can learn while travelling, even camping. So if you are planning or you have started an online course you can pack your course along with your clothes and set out on holiday. Whether your classroom is in a hotel or a tent you won’t fall behind in your studies.

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Learn a Language as you Travel

If you want to travel successfully and have fun learning about the countries you travel to, it is wise to learn at least some phrases in the language of the country. English and sign language may get you some things but you will never learn intimacies or experience cultures on a deeper level unless you understand some the local language. Preply is a great resource website to help you find experienced private tutors at reasonable prices. For example, if you are seeking a Japanese tutor click here to find the best-rated tutors. It’s as simple as selecting a tutor, sending a request and scheduling a lesson

Thousands of Courses Covering Almost Everything… Even Glamping!

There are a number of good websites collating these courses but the one I have found most useful is Coursera, which lists more than 2,000 courses and in terms of glamping and lifestyle choices there’s Inspired Courses. Most traditional education institutions now offer courses, including full degree courses, online. For these, search the educational institution concerned.

So long as you complete the required readings, tests, writing essays by the required deadlines you can be anywhere in the world. Some courses are “Self Paced” which means they are designed so that students can start courses throughout the year when convenient to them as opposed to attending class at specific times. There are no live sessions that must be scheduled into the student’s life so if you are on vacation you can schedule fun activities to suit and study earlier or later and still complete your course as planned.

Modern Technology Keeps You Connected

Even studying while you are camping is an option, especially if your learning photography skills or practising other creative endeavours! Camping can mean many things to many people these days, from travelling in a fully decked out motorhome/campervan with all the mod cons to trekking with a sleeping bags and a lightweight tent on your back. The latest term for luxurious tenting arrangements, usually erected on a permanent site is “Glamping” – a shortened version of glamorous camping. There are some great tips and accessories in this article to make sure you are well prepared. You will, however, require a power source to keep your laptop or other device charged. Solar power might be worth considering if you will not have easy access to the grid.

Regardless of which option of travel suits you, modern technology means you pack so much into small space and take to life on the road. Utilising cellular networks no-one is restricted to the length of a phone cable anymore. Skype lessons are common these days for private tutoring but you do need to have access to the internet with reasonable speed, otherwise, the video will not work smoothly.

So What Are You Waiting for?

Now you can plan both your continuing study and your holiday almost anywhere in the world with e-Learning. Once you have completed one course you may even consider you want to combine travelling, studying and work as a digital nomad. The world is your oyster.

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