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Five Camping Activities for Families

family camping activities

Family life just wouldn’t be complete without a few crazy camping trips thrown in along the way. Camping holidays can take place at any time of year (OK, you have to be brave in winter) and they are very cost-effective. All you need is a few tents and some outdoor gear and you’re all ready to go. Some of you might even have a caravan – jackpot!

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So, you’re all packed up and ready to go – brilliant! But what are you going to do when you get there? Make sure your family doesn’t get bored with these five fun camping activities:


This classic camping activity is fun for the whole family – but you’ll certainly need a little patience. Maybe Dad has his own rod? Good for him. For everybody else, you can pick up a few low-cost rods from any garden superstore that will be just fine for beginners. If you are going carp fishing you are going to want to make sure that you have all your Equipment for carp fishing. Out on the river, the sights and sounds are gorgeous and tranquil. Water lapping on the riverbank leaves rustling through the trees and birdsong. Even if nobody catches anything, you can all appreciate nature at its best.

family camping activities fishing


If fishing isn’t your thing, why not go for a lovely long hike instead? How your hike goes will depend on where your campsite is located. Perhaps you are near the sea and can go beachcombing… Or maybe you are further inland, near hills, mountains and forests. Wherever you are, be sure to bring plenty of snacks and a picnic. Don’t forget your map and compass if you are going off the beaten track!


Whether you’re at a campsite or out in the wilderness, everybody needs to eat. Make cooking a focal point of your day by bringing along some exciting ingredients and cooking them outside. Disposable barbeques and portable gas hobs mean that you can be quite adventurous. Get the kids involved by having them prepare some of the ingredients. What about some lovely flame-grilled steaks with chopped tomatoes? Or what about some of that fish you caught with fresh vegetables? After a lovely day with lots of fresh air, there’s nothing better than a big meal.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a superb activity if you have very young kids, as it keeps them entertained in and around the campsite. Simply make a list of things that you can find around your campsite and get the kids hunting for them – things like leaves, pine cones and bark are perfect. If the kids can’t read yet, print off some pictures and get them hunting for the images!


All kids (and most adults too) are curious about the night sky. A camping trip is one of the best ways to introduce your family to the wonders of the cosmos. Gather around a nice warm fire, start roasting marshmallows on sticks and get stargazing. The kids could draw the sky, or you could read them a story about the moon. The kids will love this opportunity to stay up late!

Going camping with the family is a real adventure that will provide many memories and funny stories. But it takes a sturdy bunch of adventurers to make it a real success. If you are the adventurous type you might consider going abroad, there are so many places to explore, you can fly as close as the Mediterranean countries such as Portugal, Spain, France or far as Tasmania, they all welcome campers, and this can be a fun twist on your usual holiday overseas.

Images by donjd2 and rodeime used under CC license

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