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The Best Places To Go Fishing And Camping In Tasmania

Fishing In Australia

Tasmania, an island to the south of Australia is a beautiful land of many contrasts. It’s full of interesting things to see and do. Since it is surrounded by water, it’s one of the best fishing places in the world. Fishing enthusiasts have their choice from challenging ocean fishing to freshwater trout fisheries to bays, rivers, tributaries and inlets.

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The fish caught in Tasmania range from plentiful trout to albacore, southern blue-fin tuna, yellow-fin tuna and striped marlin. Game fishing is a popular hobby and sport in Tasmania. Some of the biggest world record holding fish have been caught there.

Several prominent rivers for excellent fishing include the Derwent River, the Tyenna River and East Coast River. The Tyenna river is a tributary off of the Derwent River. Some say that the highest population of Tasmania island’s fish exist in these rivers. The fish caught there include browns, rainbows, Australian salmon, tiger and sand flat-heads and long-fin pike.

Pirates Bay and the Tasman Peninsula offer some of the best deep-water fishing on this Australian island. Record size fish are caught here most of the year, but the biggest catches include blue-fin tuna. In fact, this spectacular fishing area boasts eight separate world record fish caught here. Hopeful anglers will need to have a large size boat to fish from, since tackling these monsters is extremely challenging.

A fantastic fishery experience awaits anglers at St. Helens. Some of the fish caught here include albacore, striped marlin and mako shark among others. Located about one-quarter of the way down on Tasmania’s east coast, St. Helens is a small town which is nestled among several bays that are popular with sports fishermen. This entire bay area is a premium fishing destination in its own right, with several popular bays and reefs to choose from.

In addition to the wonderful fishing opportunities that abound in Tasmania, outdoor enthusiasts also love the opportunities for such thrilling activities as off-road touring, surfing, diving, caving or riding a mountain bike down Mount Wellington. Those who must be in or near the water enjoy white water rafting adventures and kayaking in the West Coast Rapids. Camping is another popular activity for a memorable visit to Tasmania. When visiting Tasmania, it’s always best to bring along some camping equipment, sports gear and a kayak. Visitors to Tasmania often love to take advantage of the many premium outdoor experiences offered in this unique place.

Several lakes offer ample fishing opportunities in Tasmania as well. These include Four Springs Lake, Arthurs Lake and Lake Burbury on the west coast of Tasmania. Four Springs Lake is a small lake that packs a lot of fishing adventure. This premium fishery is near the town of Hagley, just west of the city of Launceston. Fly fishing is popular in these lakes as well as lure and bait fishing. Arthurs Lake is a premier spot to catch trout and is open from August through May. This water does feature some good catches and is popular for trolling and for lure fishing. Fly fishermen are thrilled by the early morning angling opportunities that are abundant on Lake Burbury.

Duck Bay is an inlet in Tasmania that is protected. This premium fishing spot features many opportunities for sports fishing enthusiasts to catch King George whiting, Australian salmon, silver trevally and flat-head fish. Lures are used as well as bait to catch the great variety of fish available here. At the end of a fantastic day of fishing, anglers need to have a great place to keep their catch fresh. This is when it’s important to have premium Engel insulated fish bags along to keep fish the freshest.

Before fishing in Tasmania, it is important to get information from the Australian government about fishing license requirements. Regulations of the island fisheries are important, along with a calendar to know when all the best events are taking place.


Fishing & Camping in Tasmania

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