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Free Camping: Brit Stops

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We could always do with a bit of help in the UK to keep the costs of our camping holidays down, so it was great when we heard about Brit Stops which aims to bring campers and land owners together to provide free camping for those in a camper van or motor home.

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Brit Stops is a scheme offering free one-night stopovers across Britain exclusively to motorhome and camper van owners. Based on the highly successful France Passion,  its host sites include farm shops, vineyards, breweries and pubs as well as other interesting stopovers, with over 150 hosts from the Highlands to Cornwall and from West Wales to the East Anglia coast.

free and cheap camping ideas

The idea is simple: farm shops, pubs and other similar sites allow the happy campers to park overnight, free of charge and for a maximum of 24 hours. There is no obligation to buy produce or services from the host when stopping over, but obviously the host sites hope their guests do, and being camped next to farm fresh produce or a comfy pub with delicious food nearly always means the visitors bring extra custom. This is why it’s being supported by FARMA and English Wine Producers. Here’s what Steve Clark, the publisher of Brit Stops had to say:

Having thoroughly enjoyed touring France in our motorhome and using the French scheme ourselves, we realised there are just as many fantastic, off-the-beaten-track potential host sites here in Britain, and we believe the scheme will not only be of interest to motorhomers, but will also help support local businesses by bringing interested customers to their door.

The Brit Stops 2012 guide book gives details of the produce available and clear symbols showing what facilities are available at each host site. Post codes are given for sat nav use, as well as written directions. The annual guide, which is valid from March to March and gives access to 156 stopovers costs £25 and can be bought online at Brit Stops. Unfortunately due to manoeuvrability issues this scheme is not open to caravans, and smaller campervans must have overnight toilet facilities on board.

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Picture Credits: Brit Stops

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