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10 Glamping Picnic Ideas To Add A Bit Of Pizazz

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What key items should you take for an aesthetic glamping picnic experience the next time you visit the campsite? If you love (or just started loving) the outdoors, glamping and picnicking are among the many options of activities you can take up for a good dose of fun while out there in the wild. Most outdoor enthusiasts find themselves wanting to combine the two, especially when adventuring with family, loved ones, or a romantic partner! However, your experience will only be as good as how well you prepare for your trip and the items you bring so we compiled a list of fantastic glamping picnic ideas that will add a bit of pizazz to your next campsite visit.

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Indeed there are lots of glamping picnic ideas but in our opinion, to make your experience extra posh, luxurious, and aesthetically appealing, these are the top ten crucial items you should bring to your next glamping and picnic escapade.

1. String lights for decoration 

Glamping almost always involves spending time outside until late into the night and it goes without saying that a sprinkling of decorative lights brings a certain magic to the occasion. It’s certainly worth putting the effort in to bring them along.

String lights, in particular, can be grouped together to make a collage or added to themed areas within your campsite. You can string them on your tent or even the camp chairs to enjoy a full visual delight!

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2. Flowers 

It can get pretty boring sitting around in a camp chair not doing much or simply not seeing or smelling anything. Bring a few fresh flowers or bouquets to brighten the area and make your picnicking experience fun and well-rounded with a bit of a vintage twist.

Don’t know which flowers to decorate your picnic or camping space with? You can go for roses or tulip flowers, sunflowers, or even daisies. You could even get them delivered directly to the campsite if you have a special occasion or want to surprise someone with something special.

3. Beautiful woven rugs 

No matter where you find yourself on the campgrounds, an area rug can be the perfect accent piece for your setup. Not only will it add some aesthetic beauty and value, but it will also absorb moisture from your feet, protect against the elements, and prevent potential slips and falls. We really love vintage rugs.

4. Vintage lanterns 

This is a simple, yet stunning decor piece to bring along with you for glamping and picnic excursions. It might not be one of those camping upgrades you need per se, but lanterns always come in handy when spending time in the dark wild.

They help to provide illumination around the campsite or picnic area, making your nighttime experience all the better. Plus most of them are portable, so you can use one when navigating in the dark.

5. Tabletop dressing and accessories 

From tablecloths to napkins, glassware, and accessories, you’ll need to bring along a few pieces of these to your glamping and picnicking excursion. They go a long way in elevating the decor during mealtime.

And if you’re on a trip with family or friends, a good set of utensils to use and prepare food is always essential.

6. A beautiful throw blanket

Even if the night-time temperature is a bit chilly, you’ll want to keep yourself warm with a warm, soft throw blanket to keep you cosy. Get one that is beautifully woven and visually captivating for use when creating a picnic setup.

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7. An aesthetic hammock 

A hammock is an important item in any glamping or picnic setup. The many benefits of hammocks speak for themselves. Not only will it make your experience more luxurious, but it will also help provide some pretty epic shade from the sun and offer entertainment during leisurely picnicking sessions.

You might even consider bringing along some throw pillows to get the most out of your colourful hammock.

8. Comfy glamping/picnic chairs 

From simple folding chairs to more sophisticated-looking bamboo picnic tables with a seat, choosing some chairs that you can put together yourself can be a good way to make your glamping or picnic experience especially chic. They will also help with creating a rustic setting and texture for the picnic setup.

9. An aesthetically appealing cooler 

Whether you’re camping far away in the wild or glamping in your home garden, you might need a way to keep beverages such as water, wine, and beer cool. This means bringing a camping cooler, but it doesn’t have to have a boring design.

Getting a cooler with a fun and expressive design can help improve your decor while out there in the great outdoors, improving your overall ex[perience in the long run.

10. Extra fancy wine glasses 

These are a must-have if you’re going to have wine with your camping meals. They can be used for drinking and also as decorations. The good part is that you can get fancy wine glasses from any local thrift store, or you can even modify the ones in your home to make them extra fancy.

If you are about to head out on a camping trip or a picnic in a public space, make sure to take some of these items with you, so your enjoyment can be a cut above the rest. Don’t forget to think about items that will improve your safety, health, and convenience while you’re at it!

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