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Haven’t Camped Lately? Here Are 10 Camping Essentials To Pack

camping essentials

If you are considering your first trip in a while, here are 10 camping essentials you should consider putting at the top of your list.

For many of us, camping is a regular activity when we’re children, and then somewhere along the line we suddenly go years without taking a trip. However, when the weather’s nice out there is simply no better way to enjoy nature for a weekend than taking a quick camping getaway with friends and/or family.

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A Great Sleeping Bag

Don’t just rely on the old sleeping bag you have folded in the closet somewhere. A nice sleeping bag makes the difference between comfort and misery! Consider a quality brand like North Face that will have you eager to jump into it at the end of the day.

A Bedroll

Similarly, a bedroll is absolutely necessary for comfort. Even in warm destinations, the ground out in the wild gets cold at night, and a bedroll can lift you up with an extra layer resulting in a perfect nights sleep. If you are a bit of a glamper, you can always pop an airbed on top to ensure a perfectly snug and comfortable night.


Handheld flashlights can be incredibly annoying while camping, for a number of different activities – cooking, cleaning, setting up a tent, dressing, or even reading or playing games. We like to use a general lamp for the background light and headlamps for individual focus, which is extremely convenient.

Strap Sandals

You’ll want something besides your hiking boots for walking around the campsite, visiting a river, etc., and ordinary sandals are generally flimsy and unreliable. Consider an alternative like Teva strapped, water-proof sandals with good grip for rough terrain.

Collapsible Fishing Poles

Some people like to fish while camping, and if it’s part of your plan try using poles that compress and collapse. It’s just a pain to pack a full pole in the car with the rest of the gear or hike with it strapped to your bag!

A Good Pocket Knife or Multi-Tool

This is pretty self-explanatory. A dull knife or one with limited functions can be a hindrance, whereas the right knife can help with all kinds of activities and needs. Our knife of choice would be the Leatherman.

Daily Contacts

Daily contacts that you can simply throw away, rather than trying to clean and store with dirty hands at a dirty campsite, can be very convenient. I use my own for surfing and throw them away afterwards to make sure I get rid of the bacteria from the waters. Visit Acuvue for some information on daily disposable lenses, which are always handy for any trip.

camping essentials

Something To Play With

This could be anything you want, but it’s nice to bring along a bit of entertainment to keep everyone active. It might be a football, baseball equipment, or even a volleyball net you can string between trees!

Take a look at other activities we recommend which are ideal for the campsite.

Journaling Accessories

Many people like to record thoughts while out camping, so look into purchasing a journal and pen specifically for the trip. Waterproof options are always a good idea, especially if you go camping in the UK!

Bug Spray

This is probably the most important camping essential you can throw in your bag, as bug bites make for a horrible camping trip. For those who really suffer from bites there are even insect repellent clothes available, which are perfect if you are pitched on mosquito coast!

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