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How To Get More Guests To Your Short-Term Stay, Unique Retreat or Glamping Business #022

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Glamping Business Start-Up Advice. These are the show notes of episode #022 of the podcast ‘The Business of Glamping and Unique Holiday Rentals’ with Sarah Riley from Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses. In this episode, Sarah discusses how you can get more guests for your holiday accommodation.

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In this episode, Sarah uncovers the reasons why some glamping businesses eco-retreats and unique holiday rentals wildly successful at attracting guests, regardless of what they seem to offer.

How are they able to stay so confident about their bookings each year even though they don’t seem to be working as hard as you do?

Yet you struggle to understand what works and what doesn’t and constantly feel overwhelmed by it all.

You thought it would be as easy as setting up some amazing holiday accommodation and then just sit back and watch the bookings roll in.

Welcome to Episode 22.

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If you have something inspiring to offer the world of Glamping and Unique Holiday Rentals then get in touch with Sarah Riley and share it on the Podcast. For more information contact Sarah through her website here.

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