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Life on the Road: Perks of travelling in an RV

Travelling in an RV

I am an RV enthusiast and love getting on the road and travelling in an RV as often as I can. If you’ve never tried it then I would recommend you give it a go as soon as possible. You won’t regret it, and here’s why…

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An RV, or recreational vehicle, is a vehicle with all the home comforts such as a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room that is mobile and built for travel. They can either be towable (like caravans in the UK) or attached to the engine of the vehicle, making them motor homes. To make it feels more like your home you can furnish it up to your taste. Fully equipped kitchen, children’s corner, or even a home cinema with recliners designed especially for RV fans. Some even expand when parked, making them relatively easy to drive and spacious and comfortable when parked. RVs shouldn’t be confused with mobile homes, which are meant to be connected to the grid and shouldn’t be moved.

I’m definitely not alone in my love for RV’s. There are approximately 8 million American households that currently own an RV, and about 30 million people who call themselves RV enthusiasts. So what makes the RV type of lifestyle so popular?

The first reason is simply that of cost. Travelling in an RV means you don’t have to pay for hotel rooms or resorts and simply have to pay for a camping ground site. This means that a family of four can save almost 3/4 of their travelling budget while travelling in an RV instead of a normal vehicle. In addition, you can fit more people into an RV, and they will be more comfortable, than if you were to fit all the members of your family in an SUV, for example.

As well as saving you money, travelling in an RV offers a variety of other benefits. Since you don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay for the night, you can travel at any pace that you wish, giving you more time to explore without the stress of having to meet a deadline. It also allows you to stay for a long as you wish at any given location. RVs are ideal for family getaways, giving you time to spend with your family.

You also don’t have to worry about the condition of the place you’re staying at, since you will be staying in your second home away from home. You don’t have to worry about check-in or check-out times and you will feel a lot more comfortable staying in your own luxury home.

Some people may be concerned that RVs are “cheap”, and are dangerous to drive. Numerous advances have been made since the advent of the RV, and many of these vehicles today are luxurious and come with a variety of amenities that rival vehicles in the range of high performance cars, to make even camping trips seem comfortable. The safety features of RVs have also been improved upon, and the construction of these modern RVs is solid and safe.

RVs are also inexpensive, and if you want to try out the lifestyle before spending the money on your own RV, you can rent one for a weekend away to see if the RV lifestyle may possibly suit you and your needs.

By Jane Powell RV Enthusiast

Picture Credits: Britstops

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