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Top 7 Tips for Camping without Limits in Pleasure


Camping is a great recreational activity that always brings unforgettable experience and lots of positive emotions. Observing star constellations, listening to the bird songs and sounds of a flowing river — nothing can compare with camping far from the urban fuss. And, while a lot of us now prefer luxury camping, or glamping, the well-planned and organized traditional camping trip can easily provide the same or even more comfort than its new glamorous analogue. Indeed, it’s not necessary to always have a cosy sofa or electric ice maker to enjoy the rest while being in nature.

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The appropriate equipment and thorough planning are those essential aspects of making any camping trip pleasing and enjoyable. In this article, we give the most essential camping tips that will allow you to be prepared for the fantastic camp adventure and get the maximum pleasure from it.

Make sure you know how to handle a tent

If you’re planning your first camping trip and you’ve just purchased a new tent, it’s a good idea to set it up in the yard or at home to be sure you know how to get along with this piece of equipment. In case the tent isn’t new, check whether it’s equipped with all required accessories. It’s much easier to detect all flaws and missing pieces at home than outdoors. Likewise, pay attention to the way how the tent is packed — it’ll help you fold the gear at the end of the trip.

Explore the area for camping

Investigate all conveniences that will be available during the recreational activity. Will there be shaded places, firewood, and access to clean fresh water? This info will definitely allow you to determine which things to take along on the trip.

Be aware of possible dangers

Of course, you need to be sure you understand all potential risks posed by noxious plants and insects inhabiting the region you’re going to. In addition, if there some species that can result in your allergic reaction, make sure you don’t forget the necessary allergy medicines. The first-aid kit should also contain adhesive bandages, antiseptic creams, pain and anti-inflammatory medicines, anti-diarrhoea medicines, sunburn relief sprays as well as all drugs prescribed by a physician.

Check the weather forecast

Get the weather reports online to know the latest forecast. A good rule of thumb is to be prepared for different weather conditions, so make sure the thermal underwear and waterproof clothes are in your backpack. A great piece of advice is to be ready for the worst weather conditions, however, hope for the best.

Invest in good lighting

Although it sounds intriguing to sleep under the moon and stars, you will definitely need an efficient light source. The appropriate lighting equipment is capable of making a huge difference in the dark time. You can also attach a flashlight to the tent so that your dwelling will be fully illuminated.

Don’t forget small yet important things

Make sure you put a knife, insect repellent, cigarette lighter or matches, bar of soap, headwear in your bag. You might also need an axe to collect fuelwood and get the tent pegs in the ground. And, of course, if a bottle of good wine is a part your baggage, you need a bottle-screw!

Select your campsite meticulously

This is one of the most important tips since the right site is a key factor for the comfortable and enjoyable rest. Select a place with flat ground, which located at some distance from trees. If you’re going to camp under trees, make sure they aren’t dead. You want to choose areas where the dry branches can’t fall on your tent.

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