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Staycations At A Seven Year High – Is Glamping The Reason?

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staycationsBritain is growing increasingly fond of staying on our shores instead of venturing abroad as foreign trips plunge 16%. Is DIY glamping the reason?

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The Rise of The Staycation

From very early on this trend earned its name and gradually became more and more popular with people who started to see the appeal and it has been steadily increasing ever since.

Between 2008 and 2013 Britons took 16% fewer foreign trips and UK holidays rose by 12%. This summer a survey also found that 6 million Britons declared that they would definitely not be holidaying abroad this year.

It also seems like we’re taking more, shorter, holidays of between one to three days. Again over the period between 2008 and 2013, the number of these increased by 17.3%.

So what’s fuelling this interest in staying at home for our staycation holidays?

Impact of The Health Crisis

In addition to this, the chaos witnessed when tourists were trapped abroad during the health crisis resulted in a lot of bad press for aviation-focused hotel holidays and cruise ship vacations abroad. Now, the question being asked is whether the current health crisis and potential recession will have the same impact as the previous financial crash and lead to staycations rising even more.

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