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Top Hunting vs. Fishing Apps: The Differences That Matter For Anglers

the best fishing apps on the market

It’s no coincidence that some of the best hunting mobile apps out there also double up as fishing apps. After all, isn’t fishing a form of hunting, too? It is certainly very relaxing when you are on vacation. Upon close inspection, though, you’ll realize that top hunting apps won’t always come to your rescue when you’re struggling to make a catch. Read on to discover the outstanding differences between the best hunting and fishing apps on the app store today.

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1. Activity Forecasting

The thing about angling is that it’s difficult to accurately anticipate fish movements. That’s why it’s incredibly important to have an accurate fishing activity forecast before hitting the water. Unfortunately, even the best hunting apps fail in this department. Some are capable of pulling up precise weather data, but that’s pretty much all they can do. The best fishing apps, on the other hand, provide spot-on predictions of when fish will be the most active during the day. FishAngler, for instance, boasts advanced map layers and real-time weather forecasts, so you can know when and where is best to go fishing.

2. Tracking Capabilities

Fishing brings immense joy and pride to partakers, even for beginners. But what joy will it be if your successful days are few and far between? Notably, the best hunting apps make it easy to track your activity from start to finish using built-in standard logs. But these logs are just that—standard. In comparison, the best fishing apps boast detailed logbook functionality with dozens of catch attributes you can use to record catches and conditions. At the end of the day, you don’t want to take a chance with your catch, and fishing apps ensure you never have to.

3. Community of Users

At first glance, the community of users might not look like a definitive hunting vs. fishing apps difference. But in the grand scheme of things, it undoubtedly is, and we’ll tell you why. First off, at a time when fishing apps are spiking in popularity, hunting apps are fading away into oblivion. Many people are no longer indulging in fishing or hunting as a pastime, and that’s largely due to the elaborate property boundaries and public land regulations that have been put in place of late. Consequently, you’d expect that the few still doing traditional hunting won’t be enough to form a truly diverse, multi-faceted community. It’s the complete opposite in the world of fishing.

The best fishing apps are a safe place for everything angling, where users share, educate, and learn about the world’s most popular and top-grossing hobby. The best part is, some apps also dabble with social commerce. Contributors can tag the gear they used to land a huge catch, which empowers other users to become effective anglers. Ultimately, the bigger the community, the more opportunities for sharing tips and advice. While the top fishing apps boast tens of millions of community members, the best hunting apps are barely able to attract tens of thousands of users. You want to truly enjoy your day on the water, and a huge community can get you going even when you feel demotivated. Fishing apps are all that and more. 

The Right Fishing App Can Make All the Difference on the Water

If you’re an angler, it’s time to delete that hunting app on your phone as although hunting apps are formidable, on the water they’re simply not good enough. As you head out for your next fishing expedition, arm yourself with the best fishing app money can buy. Instagrammable catches, fuss-free conditions, and thrilling fans await you on this side of fishing mastery.

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