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10 Useful Apps For Backpackers

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For backpackers, every step is a challenge and therein also lays the true fun of travel. Nothing is really planned but at the same time, it also helps if you are equipped with the tools that will resolve any eventuality. With our smartphones getting more powerful every day, here are some apps that can really turn your trip into an awesome one. From finding cheap accommodation to charting out the shortest route to your destination, they come in all forms. Check these out:

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Backpacking and maps go hand in hand. Gone are the days when you would have carried a big map folded into several sections and every time you needed to check out direction, you would have had to lay it out on the floor! for Apple and Android allows you a handy map of any region that you can download and even use offline. It can really be a lifesaver, especially if you are going to places where you don’t expect a good internet connection.

Google Translate

One of the main problems that backpackers face is to understand the language of the locals. If you are planning to visit a new country soon, knowing a few greetings may help. Well, with Google Translate, on Apple and Android, you can do even more. Now, you can also be sure about what’s on the menu and what is actually being served as it will translate the whole thing for you. Very clever!

XE Currency

Changes in currency rate come with changes in countries you are travelling to. It is always wise to have exchange rates handy and XE Currency is the perfect app for that. Also, you don’t need an internet connection to make the app work.


Cheap accommodation is a high priority among backpackers. Booking your hostel bed takes just about a minute with this highly handy app called Hostelworld. Now, you can easily plan your trip and not waste time in hopping from one place to another in search of a room that fits your budget. This app can be used on Apple and Android devices.


Skyscanner has been a popular search engine for flights. The best thing is that you can seek connections all across the globe. Again this is available on Apple and Android.


An alternative to Skyscanner, Momondo is another unique flight search engine that includes several options for carriers to destinations across the world. You can even use the app to find the cheapest deals available using your Apple and Android devices.


You surely are on a trip, but it is also necessary that you stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues back home. Skype for Android and Apple, has been the most popular way to do so for over a decade now.

Viber Out

When it comes to an international calling app, Viber Out takes the front seat in offering the cheapest call rates and other features that will help you share your adventures.


Information is the key to a successful backpacking trip. With Pocket for Apple and Android, you can easily save any web page and pull up the same later, even when you are offline.


The best pastime when on a backpacking trip is to learn a language. Duolingo for Apple and Android devices makes learning fun by adding progression systems and games including scores. When you come back from your trip, you may have picked up a foreign language – how cool is that!

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