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Glamping Summit USA, Announced In Aurora, Colorado For 2019


The Glamping Summit USA has been announced to support the luxury outdoor and experiential industry. Research indicates that the glamping market will grow beyond 15% between 2018-2014 and is projected to be a $1 billion business by 2024* This means it is no surprise that business owners are starting to claim their share of the growing market and seeking out expert advice, products and services to help them.

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Added to this is the fact that ‘The Journal Of Outdoor Recreation And Tourism’ stated that although glamping is an area in need of academic research, it did show “stellar performance” during the 2009 financial slowdown. The same report also noted how as the industry moves forwards it needs to consider how it will respond to the growing market and attract new clientele.

To meet the needs of glamping business owners in the luxury camping and outdoor hospitality niche, The Global Glamping Summit, USA, was born. David Korse, Event Director said…

“This is the only event in the U.S. specifically for the glamping market.”

From 22-13 October 2019, the third Glamping Summit will take place at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds in Aurora, Colorado. We have attended all three events, loved every one of them and are very proud to be an Official Supporter of the Glamping Summit team.

Grab the early bird tickets before 31 August!

We’re even more excited now as the next one is going to be bigger and better with exhibition space and industry education on topics developed to help business owners attract more guests and increase their profits. David said…

“The 2019 event will be larger and more comprehensive than our two previous events,”

The hub of this industry event is a conference that extends over the two days of the event to help a variety of luxury camping and glamping business owners to move forward rapidly with their ideas while avoiding costly mistakes.

“There will be inside and outside exhibit space in addition to a two-day conference presented by industry experts.”

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“This is a must-attend event for almost any property owner/operator looking to capture the attention and imagination of new visitors. We have recruited well-respected industry experts to present sessions on topics geared to all levels of business experience,”

Some of the sessions and speakers are:

  • Home Truths:  Things I Wish I’d Known When Starting My Glamping Business, Sarah Riley, Inspired Camping
  • Events and Pop-Ups to Maximize Your Revenue, Kelsey Sheofsky, Shelter Co.
  • How to Select the Best Structure for Your Business, Gary Flaks, Bushtec Adventure; Will Marquardt, Davis Tent
  • Integrating Glamping into your Campground Offering, Toby O’Rourke, KOA
  • Regulations:  Getting the Basics Covered, Jeff Sims, ARVC
  • Winning Over the Millennial Customer, Kathleen Walsh, Advanced Outdoor Solutions
  • Environmental Sustainability, Sarah Dusek, Under Canvas
  • An Eye for Design:  What it Takes to Create a Successful Site, Will Beilharz, Artistree
  • Land Use Options, Michael D’Agostino, Tentrr

At this event, as David Korse notes…

“Attendees can learn new ways to enhance their existing business or the best route to launch a new glamping-focused business.“

So the question is, will we see you there? Comment below and let’s meet up…

Glamping Summit/USA is sponsored by:

The American Glamping Association, California Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds, FarmStay USA, Glamping Hub, Inspired Camping and International Glamping Business.

For more information, go to The Glamping Summit USA website or for exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities contact David Korse.

 * Arizton Advisory & Intelligence

Inspired Camping

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