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The Best Campervans For Outback Exploration

best campervans for the outback

The outback is an intense place to drive. With sometimes thousands of miles passing between towns, and all kinds of terrain to cover, you need to have a vehicle you can rely on.Campervans are an amazing way to travel the outback. They give you the flexibility to dive right into the overwhelmingly vast landscape without having to worry about where you’re going to sleep or what you’re going to eat. They also house several people to keep you company on the (very) long and winding road.

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But not all campervans are suited to this driving challenge. You’ll need a ride that’s sturdy, reliable, fuel efficient, and with some degree of comfort. Here are three choices that should suit a variety of needs.

Toyota Landcruiser Hightop

best campervans

Image via Gumtree

This Toyota is the choice for the thrifty explorers among you who want to venture across basically any terrain for next to nothing. It’s essentially a cross between a rugged 4WD and a campervan – the high top giving the living space needed in the back.

Don’t expect much luxury though. The rear living quarters consist of a double fold out sofa bed, fridge/freezer, sink, and some storage space – that’s about it.

The vehicle has three seats at the front and enough room for three to sleep if you use the top space and bed. Three is quite a squeeze though so make sure you’re really good friends!

With plenty of power and all the off-road features you need – including a factory fitted snorkel for wading through rivers – the Land Cruiser series is known for being relentlessly rugged. There’ll be nothing standing in your way!

Cheapa 4WD Camper (Feature Image)

As the company’s slogan goes: for those that want a 4WD camper but for cheapa – GET IT!?

This option from Cheapa Campa is a great choice for those that want the flexibility of a 4WD, but a little bit more comfortable living.

Modcons include a full kitchen with gas stove, fridge/freezer and sink, air conditioning and solar shower. You also have a convenient side awning with fold-out barbecue for alfresco living. Finally, a roomy double bed folds out above the living area, giving plenty of sleeping space.

In terms of getting about, Cheapa’s offering is modified from a Toyota Hilux, so it can go pretty much anywhere. Although bear in mind that, as it’s only available to rent, the rental company may restrict you from driving on certain routes.

Talvor Outback Camper

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Image via Talvor (Australia)

This option is for those that want a bit more room and want to go anywhere they want.

This is about as close to the space and luxury of a full-size motorhome that you’ll get in a 4WD. The front cab seats four comfortably and an overhead queen and pull out double sofa bed provide plenty of space to sleep in the back.

Meanwhile, all the modcons are featured, including a huge awning with all the accessories needed for comfortable outdoor living.

Talvor offer this modified Mitsubishi Triton Twin Cab for sale – although, it does go for a pretty high price (over $90k).

Having said that, there’s enough space in this beast for four people to live comfortably so if you have a big trip planned it could be an affordable investment, considering it shouldn’t lose too much in resale value.

Feature Image via Cheapa Campa (Australia)

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