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From the Mountaineers to Modern Times: Camping and Hiking Essentials You Need on Your Packing List

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Camping hasn’t changed an awful lot over the last century, and it essentially involves the same thing: Head out into the wild, pitch your tent and enjoy escaping from the world. But the equipment we use has changed a lot over the years. Here’s how the original Ten Essentials from the 1930s hiking essentials list compares to the modern camper’s kit.

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The Original Ten Essentials

The Ten Essentials were the original camping list put together in the 1930s. They comprise such essentials as a compass, fire starter, map, sunglasses, extra clothing, first-aid, and more. This list comes from a brilliant book now in its eighth edition with an array of excellent information and updates for anyone wanting to safely explore the mountains. You can get yourself a copy of the book here.

There are many things you may want to take with you if you go camping these days, but mountaineering is very different and needs a logistical approach, so make sure you do your homework before grabbing your hiking boots! However, for less serious camping and hiking trips here’s what you should know.

The Modern Day Essentials

First of all, all of the basics still apply—even a map and compass if you are exploring new areas. But now we can add some more items to the camping checklist, and here are some of the modern essentials for camping and hiking.

First of all, a smartphone should be considered essential. No one should even think about going camping without a phone these days. A mobile phone means you are one call away from help in an emergency, and even if there is no reception where you’re going, you can still use the other features.

For example, you can download a compass app, you can use your phone as a torch, and you can use the GPS function without an internet connection. You could also download maps to your phone to access from anywhere.

When planning your trip, you can use a weather app. Apalon Apps for Android provide an excellent weather app so you will always know what the weather is for the day ahead, and you’ll never get caught out when the weather turns.

You may also want to take some gadgets with you. New camping gadgets are coming out all the time, and you may want to take a solar-powered phone charger, for example, to ensure you never run out of batteries.

Or you may want a powerful 30-day lamp that will provide you with all the light you need for your trip. A pocket shower is the perfect way to enjoy a shower out in the wild, or a portable air conditioning unit can keep you cool on summer camping trips. A GPS unit could also be useful, but you could always download an app on your phone as well.

Food and snacks are also essential. Energy bars are ideal, and a hot drink in a thermos is a good idea.

You should also wear insulating layers of clothing. These days, it is recommended that you wear layers, and that way you can add and remove layers as necessary so you don’t get too hot or too cold. Make sure your first layer is made of a material that wicks away your perspiration and this will keep you comfortable no matter where you go.

Be Prepared for Your Adventures

These are some of the best items to pack when you go camping. Of course, many of the items on the original list are still essential, so have a look through the original Ten Essentials. Then think about the other modern-day items and gadgets that might be useful when you go hiking and camping, so you can enjoy your camping adventures in safety and comfort. Finally, check out the Ultimate Camping Checklist to make sure you don’t forget a thing.

By Richard Andrews: A keen hiker who likes to take himself off to explore new places and trails most weekends. When stuck indoors due to bad weather he enjoys writing about his adventures and sharing travel and hiking tips.

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