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If you need to get free and inspiring cool camping trends, advice, tips and tricks, then you don’t need to look any further than Inspired Camping.

We have a huge number of camping inspirations that will get even the most traditional campers squealing with delight. We also have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of camping, glamping… and insights into alternative lifestyle design and small space living.

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Here’s a collection to get your mouth watering.

cool caravan

Cool Caravan

Recently reported, this new cool caravan design is being hailed as “the next frontier in mobile living”. Caravans haven’t had a major design overhaul like this since the 60’s so this has generated a significant reaction from the camping community.

The design includes a living area that moves out from the central area, therefore expanding the useable space by more than half, and allowing a sheltered barbecue area to be set up.

cool camping

Cool Camper Van

Not everyone can afford a cool camper van of their own, but these days we don’t just have to rely on the over popular VW camper van models. Now anything can be recycled and upcycled into something beautiful, practical and have all the functions of a regular campervan, or even a business. In fact it is becoming such a popular past time to take something retro, vintage and pre-loved, the new trend is inflating the second hand market and hidden gems are becoming a bit harder to find.

Amazing Spaces Ekopod with Canopy and Stars

Cool Tent

There was a time when only a few major tent companies had the lions share of the camping industry. Now they’re having to share it with many others. However, the interesting thing is that many of these new cool tents are based on very old designs. You may have noticed more Bell Tents and Tipis at your campsite, and we are predicting they are going to become more popular as campers see the benefits which have resulted in them being so successful for so long.

small space living

Small Space Revolution

There’s currently a small space revolution taking place in the United States and the United Kingdom. As a direct result of the financial mess we’ve found ourselves in over the last decade, we seeing more and more people make their home in small spaces. This has had an equally direct impact on the modes of cool camping people now desire. From small glamping spaces to retro trucks, people have become more determined and experimental with their leisure time… and we’re finding it very inspiring.

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Picture Credits: Canopy&Stars

Inspired Camping

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