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5 Free Activities For Kids At The Campsite

Free activities for kids

We wanted to build on our original article which gave a long list of free activities for kids. So here’s a list of another 5 free activities ideal for keeping the little people happy while you’re enjoying your next camping trip.

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Build A Den

All you need are plenty of sticks, leaves, mud and a dry flat surface to make into the best kind of living space for pirates (no comments about our attempt below please!)

free activities for kids make a den

Make A Rope Swing

Everyone loves a rope swing, as long as it’s securely fixed onto a sturdy branch of a tree of course. Just make sure you get the biggest adult to try it out first… just to be sure.

Dam A Stream

This is great fun for the kids, especially if the grown ups get involved and everyone gets a bit wet. All you need to do is collect debris from the stream and arrange it into your dam.

Hunt For Bugs

Everyone likes bugs… don’t they? Well the best thing you can do for your bug loving little ones is to bring a clear plastic container with a lid with you to the campsite. They’ll spend hours catching and studying the little beasts, but make sure you monitor it if you live in a country where there are a few nasties roaming about.

Make A Mud Slide

This is perfect for keeping the little people happy, although it isn’t always encouraged by whose who have to wash the clothes afterwards. However, it will keep everyone entertained for hours and as you only need a muddy hill and a sack to make it easier to slide down, the extra washing is probably worth the effort.


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Picture and copy credits: Inspired Camping

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