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Glamping America: Artist Retreat Pods In The Desert

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Glamping America in desert style can be done in an exciting artists retreat designed to give refuge and inspiration to weary travellers suffering from creative block.

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The Californian Desert

With every intention to be simple and basic, this unique and original glamping business is for those wanting to go glamping in the desert, is only open for two seasons per year, avoiding the mid-summer scorch.

They have been designed with a hat tip to the Wild West, in the shape of the old station wagons, and are located in the middle of a vast expanse of Californian desert.

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A Unique Artists Retreat

The pods are as unique as the booking system itself, which requires the artist to submit a biography. Once accepted they can stay in the desert for two weeks at a time, with a modest contribution to the running costs.

This is a place for the creatively minded to get completely lost… and with any luck that might just be the moment they really find themselves.

Have you ever gone on an artists retreat?

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Picture Credits: Lance Brewer via A-Z West

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