How To Get Wifi While Camping And Traveling

how to get wifi while camping and traveling

A recent survey showed that campers prioritise wifi access above campground stores with food and gear to purchase on demand, and only just below a campsite being kid friendly or not. So the big question is, how to get wifi while camping and travelling?

Many people want to switch off when they go camping; no gadgets TV’s smart phones or computers. However many do not, as was demonstrated when 19% of responders to a recent survey stated they still wanted to be connected when visiting the campsite. This is probably understandable in this age of social media when having a smart phone or digital camera is seen as a necessity rather than a luxury.

Staying connected can be a lifestyle choice too, for those who have decided to live a nomadic life on the road. And then there’s those who need it to run a business while outdoors, no matter where they are.

This is the situation for us. We like to switch off but as my husband and I are self employed it is essential we check our email on a regular basis, and if a job comes in we have to temporarily pause our holiday to take care of business. That’s just the way it is for us.

However, if you’ve visited a campsite recently you’ll know how difficult it is to access their free wifi and how slow it is when you finally do. So we wanted to look for an alternative.

how to get wifi while camping

How To Get Wifi At The Campsite, On The Road, Or Anywhere!

For our purposes we tried the TP-LINK 3G Power Bank (M5360) and 4G LTE-Advanced (M7350) mobile wifi systems. Both have the benefit of instantly establishing a wifi hotspot to share with multiple users on various mobile devices. The added benefit of the 3G model is it can also be used as a power bank and has a Micro SD card slot with up to 32GB of capacity so it allows us to transfer images instantly from our camera to clients no matter where we are.

As much of my business is managed online these devices are perfect for dealing with urgent issues, unexpected pockets of work, or accessing games and TV on demand occasionally to keep the kids happy.

Recently the wifi connectors really showed their worth when we were diverted from our camping trip so my husband could do a photo shoot. At the same time I was commissioned to write a piece for a client. An hour later we were busily uploading photos and freshly written articles while the kids watched one of their favourite films as we worked. All achievable with an unlimited data SIM transferred from one of our phones to the wifi connector.

The devices certainly make a travelling nomadic life on the road that little bit easier, and anything that achieves that gets a big thumbs up from us.

Do you have any tips how to get wifi while camping and traveling? Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: 2015 North American Camping Report

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