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Managing Change Positively In The Face Of A Global Recession #027

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There’s no doubt we have all been dealing with a lot of change recently. From guest cancellations to lockdown and furlough, it has been a heady mix of ups and downs.

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But in this episode of the podcast The Business of Glamping And Unique Holiday Rentals, I’m going to be focusing on a positive spin.

Travel, Tourism And Hospitality Recession

The brilliant thing is that collectively we are stronger together and what that has enabled us to do is support each other with ideas, advice, official guidance we’ve found and other nuggets of gold that help us implement what we need to do to get ready for a #TourismTurnaround.

Managing Change In The Hospitality Industry

The types of changes we have to manage are:

  • Setting up our business in the first place and taking the leap from a regularly paid job to working for ourselves.
  • Bookings reducing and gaps appearing in the diary where there were never gaps before
  • A different type of customer to the one you are used to dealing with
  • Suppliers prices increasing unexpectedly
  • Competitors setting up nearby
  • New technology you don’t entirely understand
  • Knowing the market is changing but not knowing exactly how and what you need to do as a result.
  • A global pandemic, declining markets and a worldwide recession (need we say more!)

We all realise this is about keeping our guests safe, ourselves and our staff safe, as well as our local community. Holistically it has to happen together. So, we are aiming to get the help this industry needs, which could help slow an economic decline in tourism and a fall into recession. But the priority must always to act responsibly and safely no matter what.

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