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Will The Glamping And Holiday Industry Survive And Thrive After Covid-19? #026

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Hospitality businesses have experienced the unthinkable – mass cancellations and empty beds at what should be the busiest time. So will the glamping and unique holiday rental industry survive it?

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This is a very different kind of podcast episode as this is a very different time of change.

We are all currently experiencing what some have described as a great reset and transition. This is bringing change for us personally and professionally.

In this episode, I attempt to explain why we are living in a history lesson of tomorrow, what impact it will have on this industry (short and long term) and what we need to do to adapt. The question is, are you designing your own life right now or are you sitting back and letting it pass you by.

This is a challenging time but that does not mean we can not work towards our goals and ambitions. Certainly, if we aren’t motivated to do that or if we are in the wrong headspace, then the least we can do is step up and volunteer or step back and isolate while still focusing on how we need to adapt to tackle this situation in the future.

Taking action in a crisis is the best thing you can do. It provides reassurance to you and those around you, especially if you run a glamping business or offer holidays in the unique accommodation industry. What we all need to be focusing on now is how we can make sure we focus on a quick recovery when the time is right and how we can recession-proof our businesses.

The fear part of our brain function is 5 times more powerful than the reward part of our brain so we have to be careful not to panic and react blindly to this situation. Instead, we need to get grounded and be persistent with our actions, and setting firm goals can help with this.

If you don’t like something, change it.

If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou

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