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New Camping Season Adventures Are On The Way (Plus Video)

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Winter in the northern hemisphere has been truly terrible. We have been battered from the USA and Canada to the UK and Europe. We’ve seen major snow and ice storms, flooding and gigantic waves that have displaced thousands of families and hurricanes that have destroyed structures that, until now, have withstood the test of time. So more than anything else we deserve a year of camping deliciousness to help us forget it all and take a break from our troubles.

One thing we like to do at the beginning of each new camping season is to go down memory lane and remember the trips from the previous year. We also enjoy the process of checking our camping gear and making plans for getting on the road.

So after what seems like an endless winter, it is now time to dust off the gear, check everything that has been in storage for wear and tear, and buy those essential items that will help us enjoy a new camping season.

It is also time to start delving into our camping memories and to start getting excited about future trips to the campsite. It is also worth trying to remember what we said we’d do before our next trip.

We wanted to plan more easy camping food recipes and shopping lists for our campsite trips so the cook could have more of a break.

What’s on your list of things to do for this camping season?

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