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Sell Your Home and Live a Glamping Lifestyle

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Social media can be torturous, can’t it? One minute you’re slaving away at work and you think to yourself, “Okay, I’ll just pop over onto Facebook and see what everyone’s up to.” You instantly regret that decision when you see one of your friend’s toes in the sand, drinking some sort of blended beverage with an umbrella in it. How do you go back to crunching numbers after seeing this?

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It’s not necessarily out of everyone’s reach, however, to take some time off and to heal the soul. Maybe you’ve been considering quitting your job or taking a sabbatical and going off the grid for a while. Perhaps you don’t have kids yet and this is your last chance for some time to yourselves. Or maybe you’re empty-nesters. It’s even possible to do a year (or more!) of travelling with kids if you’re willing to homeschool. Any which way you look at it, glamping (glamour camping) is the way to go. Whether you get your own luxury camping supplies and hit the road in your pimped-out RV or you glamp around the nation at places that offer these amenities, you most certainly won’t regret this decision. Sell your home and living a glamping lifestyle. Come on, people—YOLO and carpe diem and all that stuff!

Listen—hardcore camping can be amazing if you’re really up for it. There’s no greater accomplishment than hiking to camp with nothing but the supplies you need to sleep, eat, and survive, all tightly packed into your backpack. But let’s be honest—if you’re going to be doing this for a while, glamping is the way to go. First, though, you need supplies. And this is the kind of shopping that’s actually fun, as there have been so many innovative inventions for glamping gear over the last few years. From inflatable tents and The Eco Log for grilling to waterproof Bluetooth speakers and marshmallow roasting forks, this is the antithesis of Bear Grylls’ camping style. And that’s a good thing because, really, who wants to eat bugs anyway?

Of course, a lot of these items are “extras”, but glamping isn’t really about necessities. It’s about enjoying travelling and the great outdoors while still feeling relaxed and comfortable. One of the items you’ll definitely want to consider if you value the caffeinated goodness of coffee is Amazon’s All-in-One Coffee Maker. Come on, Starbucks really does feel like cheating and, if you prefer to take in the morning air where you are instead of sending someone on an overpriced coffee run, this is a must. A one-stop-shop, so to speak, this coffee maker grinds the beans and brews the coffee. Get under your blankets on a cold morning and take in the sunrise while drinking a steaming hot cup o’ joe. This is the stuff. The Power Pot is another item that might feel over-the-top but it’s actually quite practical when all is said and done. It’s a power generator that can be used on any heat source to cook your hot dogs, hamburgers, and other goodies, but it can also simultaneously charge gadgets with alternative energy.

Remember, people, you’re glamping, so if you want to stay connected with friends and dabble in a game of “Words With Friends”, that’s your prerogative. Don’t worry, DIY’ers—there are plenty of items you can bring that were made by you, yourself, and well, YOU.

Of course, before you actually hit the road, you have to be an adult (yes, we know this is the worst part) and make sure you’ve got your life covered. If you’re doing this for a significant amount of time, you’ll want to make a contingency plan for your job and/or your home. There are so many reasons to take a sabbatical—a huge one being to give yourself a mental health break—and also a number of arrangements to make so that it goes off without a hitch. So many jobs consist of nonstop deadlines and even unrealistic expectations these days and, as everyone knows, stress can kill.

If you’re really committed to the glamping lifestyle along with giving yourself a true break, you may want to sell your home. A company like We Buy Houses Denver can help. Because the whole idea is to lessen stress, a company like this is just what you need. They make you an offer and you walk away with no realtor commissions taken out of the amount. This is particularly helpful if you’re looking to get going with your glamping, as you don’t have to stick around for repairs, showings, or other issues associated with a traditional offer. Adios, amigos!

Follow these tips for selling your home and fulfilling your glamping dreams. The only thing left to do is start your own blog!

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