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Surfing For Beginners

Camping Activities - Learn to surf

When we go camping we like nothing more than dunking our tired stressed out bodies in the sea and getting involved in something physically demanding. It might be skim-boarding, sea kayaking, belly boarding or surfing.  They are all great ways to wind down, de-stress, put your world back into balance, exercise without feeling you’re exercising and have loads of fun as you go. So basically it’s all win, win, win!

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Surfing in our opinion is literally for everyone. Don’t think you can’t do it just because:

  1. You’re too young – We know a 5-year-old who loves to jump on a surfboard whenever she can;
  2. Too old – Our friend who’s… er… quite old (lets just say he’s over 65) is still surfing;
  3. Too unfit – We know mums who were surfing 6 weeks after they had a baby;
  4. Too busy – Busy when you’re camping! Nah, pull the other one!
  5. You just don’t know where to start.

Well you’re going to have to deal with 1-4 on your own, but we’ll be happy to help you out with 5.

Surfing can seem a bit daunting to anyone who hasn’t taken part in it before, especially if you only get involved during your camping trips and short breaks, but it really is quite simple. This is why Inspired Camping is going to run a series of articles to highlight everything you need to know to get involved.  So just in time for summer we’ll be covering:

Part 1 – Equipment, Safety and Surf Law;

Part 2 – First Steps and Surf Manoeuvres;

Part 3 – Waves, Weather and helpful links;

Part 4 – The Eco-Surfer, Surf-speak and Surf-world

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