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Wrascal Carrier: A Very Clever Piece Of Packing Gear To Travel With

wrascal carrier travel packing gear

The Wrascal Carrier has to be one of the most innovative pieces of travel gear we’ve seen in ages, because it holds a bit of a secret. You see this nifty piece of packing gear transforms like a chameleon from a carrier that’s perfect for camping to a tote, a tech bag, a gym bag and a weekend carrier. In fact there are no less than six different ways to adapt the carrier to suit you. It is indeed a bit of a rascal, but a loveable one!

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As a Field Athlete training for the Olympics and a well-seasoned traveler, Nick Welihozkiy, the products founder worked hard to develop something to make life easier whilst on the road.

I was inspired to create the Wrascal Carrier after being frustrated by the limited adaptability of conventional travel bags. After 54 revisions I now have a six-in-one solution that is ready for anyone who carries gear.

wrascal carrier

You might think Nick is well qualified for the job of developing something like this, but let me tell you that he’s REALLY qualified. He almost froze to death in the Sierra Madres at 7,000 feet, once scaled the 22-mile Rubicon Jeep Trail with pneumonia, and even piloted a Zodiac up the Coronado coast to grab some midnight cheeseburgers with a few buddies. Hmmmm.. maybe inspiration for the name of the carrier came from him? As he says:

wrascal carrier

The key to survival is adaptability. Mother Nature’s pretty clear about this and communicates it with her own brand of tough love. Survival is all about overcoming changing variables. People do it. Animals do it. Gear should do it.

So if you’re as impressed by the Wrascal Carrier as we are, then take a look at their website for more information, and if you’re quick you might catch their offer of free shipping. Alternatively you can purchase it from Amazon.

wrascal carrier

Six configurations ready for any adventure…
1. Compression – Securely roll items to make it fit inside another bag or affix to the outside of a bag.
2. Carrier – For items too large to pack. Haul firewood, camping supplies, dive fins, ski gear, etc.

3. Slim Tote – To carry a book and laptop or use it for emergency supplies on a backpack.
4. Tote – A reusable grocery, beach or shopping bag.
5. Gym – Classic design roomy enough for weekend getaway or a gym bag.
6. Messenger – Office commuter, day bag, school bag, carry-on.

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