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10 Of The Best Glamping Sites in the UK

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Traditional camping devotees might have a bone to pick with “glamping” fans, but the trend for camping with glamourous chic is here to stay. Read on to learn about some of the best UK venues available to you now.

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10 Best Glamping Spots in the UK

Today, the statistics show us that fewer people are searching Google for classic camping activities than they were 5 years ago. It seems that spending a day without Wi-Fi, a coffee machine, Netflix and other amenities of big city life seems like mission impossible to most people. So what’s there to do when you still want to go camping but want all the comfort of a 5-star hotel? Glamping in the answer.

I do my camping like I do my essays – with chic and a touch of glamour. The word “glamping” first appeared around 2005, and is a blend of ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’ and means luxurious pastime al fresco with a plasma TV, sofas, dressing cabinets, and even a bathtub. However, today glamping implies different price ranges, from budget-friendly to hands down exuberant, being available to everyone who likes to spend weekends outdoors but doesn’t want just a tent, cooking pot, open fire, a sleeping sack for a bed and hair which hasn’t been washed for days.

Since glamping is the term which originated in Great Britain (been listed in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016), we’ve prepared the list of TOP-10 venues in the UK you have to visit.

Brooks Vintage Horsebox, Herefordshire

Located within the courtyard of a Georgian manor, which is now a 22-bedroom hotel, this campsite offers an astonishing view of a 15-acre property, comfortable interior decorated with wooden panels, king-size beds, all modern amenities, and breakfast served directly to your “tent”. Not bad for a camping trip, yes?

Apple Camping, Pembrokeshire

Would you like to feel as one of the protagonists of Lord of the Flies novel by William Golding? This is your chance to spend a holiday inside the fuselage of a plane. A 65 foot long Jetstar! Although it has no wings, inside the aeroplane the atmosphere of the first-class flight with the bar and the resting area has been preserved with the addition of an extra large bed. In the cockpit, there’s an X-Box console to let you get a feel for what it’s like to be a real pilot.

The Grove Glamping, Norfolk

A little less costly, The Grove Glamping is the definition of the term “glamping” in 2017. Five comfortable yurts with a little kitchen with a pizza oven attached to each are the go-to destination point for a person who prefers camping with comfort. Cozy and relaxing meals are delivered by a local restaurant, serving fruits and vegetables from the adjacent garden.

Pods for the Peaks, Derbyshire

The venue is one of the most picturesque sceneries in Great Britain. The three oak decorated camping pods will provide everything you expect from a chic outdoor pastime. The historic town of Kniveton will set the mood for your stay, as well as traditional cuisine and a barbeque prepared using meat from a nearby eco-farm.

Eco-pods, Cairngorms

This year set the trend for eco-friendly glamping. The four en-suite wooden accommodations offer everything you need for a pocket and eco-friendly glamping experience. Every pod is equipped with a fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, barbeque space, and rich pickings for resting actively while hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking, etc.

Futuristic Domes, Loveland, Devon

These are designer camping houses. They are located on the six-acre 19th century Loveland Farm and offer everything from solar panels, Wi-Fi, movie projectors, XXL beds, eco showers, and wood stoves. Now that’s what modern-day camping looks like!

Roulotte Retreat, Scottish Borders

Ever wanted to feel what it’s like living in a gipsy caravan? Seven Roman style gipsy wagons offer a picturesque meadow view, as well as yoga sessions, spa, massage, wood-heated baths. Calmness and relaxation are in the air! For history and culture, the market town of Melrose, where Robert The Bruce was buried will gladly open its doors for your cultural reveries.

Craighead Howf, Perthshire

What if castles were built on trees? Beneath the branches of an ancient ash tree, there’s a wooden castle in miniature welcoming everyone to spend time on a renowned Craighead Farm in Scotland. Shower, kitchen, fireplace, 360-degree view balcony and stargazing window in the ceiling. Glamping is now not only glamorous, it’s romantic, too!

Secret Meadows, Suffolk

An astonishing 115 acres of wild meadows hosts six ultra-luxurious Safari-style tents, equipped with range ovens, chandeliers, large beds, wooden tables, private reading area and a kitchen. Massage, hiking, crafting courses are available too, while the nearby seaside village of Aldeburgh will cater for your need to explore.

Skye Shepherd Huts, Isle of Skye

Located in the middle of nowhere, Skye Shepherd Huts are the perfect place for someone who wants to escape the world but still would like to keep the comfort and modern amenities. What makes it special? Besides the nature all around you, the Huts also boast a rich breakfast menu (whiskey included). Bringing a bike is recommended if you want to explore the local landmarks before settling down in the evening to relax.

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