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5 Essential Tips And Accessories For Stress Free Camping

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We all love a stress free camping trip, but they can be hard work unless we keep ourselves organized. So here are some of our best camping tips and accessories to make sure that with a bit of preparation your next trip will be relaxed, restful, and will give you some mind blowing memories along the way.

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Stay Practical

Part of the attraction of camping is it allows us to get in touch with our prehistoric roots. You don’t need to beat your chest and announce to the other campers: “Look! I made fire!” after lighting the barbecue, but a simple life outdoors can allow you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Embrace this and you might learn some new skills on your next trip. Maybe try a different method of cooking by using a Dutch Oven for example, or learn to light a fire with something other than a match. It’ll be a challenge but it will definitely be a lot of fun.

Get Yourself A Personalized Camping Checklist

No one knows you, your family or your style of camping better than you, so start with an ultimate packing checklist, with everything possible you might need, and tailor it to suit your style of camping. The added benefit of having this list is it will make packing for future trips more efficient too, and is the key to achieving stress free camping trips.

Remember The Entertainment

With any luck you’ll have bags of free time to relax when you finally get to the campsite. This is the time to kick back, take it easy and reap the rewards of your hard work. But you’ll soon get bored if you don’t include a few activities in your campsite plans. This can be something the whole family can get involved in. Try free and fun activities like treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, fishing, surfing, campsite soccer or cricket. Old-fashioned board games are very popular too, especially chess, backgammon and scrabble, and when you’re done with that and being outside, this is the perfect time to wind down with your favorite book.

Focus On Comfort

Camping shouldn’t mean skimping on daily comforts either. Making sure you have a luxurious bed with all the soft bedding you need to stay warm and comfy is vital. Pillows and soft blankets are essential accessories, and if you can’t wait to crawl into your bed at night then you’ve got it just right. Make sure you get your tent choice right too. Think about the sleeping and storage space you need, insulation properties of the material it is made of and how strong the structure needs to be to deal with the weather you are likely to encounter.

Treat Yourself

It’s an interesting juxtapose of outdoor simplicity in the wilderness with a few extra luxuries thrown in. This is the very thing that has started the recent glamping craze – a heady mix of camping and glamour. So take a few lessons from this new trend and make sure you stock up on a few accessories to make your trip an experience you’ll never forget. It is a holiday after all, and what is a holiday without a bit of indulgence. Give your stress free camping trip some glamping pizzazz with few special items such as a cocktail shaker and a few great recipes, some ambient lighting to set the mood and some social seating around a central point to get the party started.

Inspired Camping

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