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Camping In The Woods

Camping in the woods

We have been talking to the author of The Whispering Woods, who has written a book we think could make an ideal companion for children when camping in the woods. So we asked one of our young happy campers if they would review it for us. Ella kindly agreed and gave us her valuable insight about the book.

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New Forest Camping

This book is called The Whispering Woods. It’s written by Alan Crawford and illustrated by Susan Gray. I am nine years old and I have really enjoyed reading a couple of stories from this interesting collection.

My favourite tale in this book is called The Ferryman and the Fearn King. It is about a man, who lives in a little hut on a river bank, and a king, who only cares about money. The king wants to cut down all the trees in the wood where everyone lives and use the land to farm animals to gain even more money, but the Ferryman’s life depends on the big trees and he thinks of a plan to change the selfish king’s mind.

I think the best way to read these tales is to sit outside a tent on a dark night when camping in the woods. You can sit around a lit campfire whilst taking it in turns to share a story.

I would recommend this selection of stories to be read by 10 years and upwards because some of the words are a bit long and tricky. The illustrations are really detailed and the text is really descriptive.

By Ella age nine

The Summary;

[twocol_one]Good Bits…

This book has some very enjoyable stories. The best way to read the tales are around a campfire when camping in the woods. New Forest camping for example.

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Not So Good Bits…

Some of the words are a bit long and complicated so this book is best for 10 years + unless read by an adult at story time.


This book can be bought through our online store.

This is a high quality book with interesting stories about the forest with lovely illustrations ideal for camping in the woods…. 4 stars.

Inspired Camping Stars:
*****  We’d sell our Granny and cut off our right arm to get one of these!
****  This is great and comes highly recommended from us.
***  We recommended this but there are a few imperfections.
**  Not ready to recommend this yet, but it’s getting there.  
*  We wouldn’t recommend this to a sleeping goat!
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Picture Credits: Alan Crawford

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