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Happy Camping Christmas From Our Campsite


It’s been quite a year for Inspired Camping. We’ve welcomed into our virtual campsite thousands of happy camping followers who share our passion to explore the camping and glamping activities we publish in our free online magazine.

Many have been generous enough to share their own stories, experiences and advice to inspire us all. We’ve also enjoyed chatting to the experts who have given us their valuable advice and shared with us their thoughts on all outdoor pursuits.

Gypsy Caravan Glamping

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Looking back over 2012 there’s no doubt we’ve been inspired to do something completely different on our next cool camping trip, and we hope you have too.

We’ve dipped our toes into the possibility of starting a camping business, gathered easy camping food ideas to quieten our grumbling bellies, collected tips and practical advice, developed some gorgeous camp fire drinks, got a taste for a bit of 5 star glamping, gathered simple suggestions on how to become an earth friendly camper, looked at some unique product ideas, published camping news, explored ways we can be frugal campers, pulled together activities to keep the kids happy and discovered what we can forage at the campsite. This is what Sarah Riley, the Founder had to say:

We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supports us here at our campsite. You are truly brilliant! Sharing inspirations with you is why we are here and why we put in the long hours, which contrary to what you might think we don’t actually get paid for.

Yes, that’s right… any money made through Inspired Camping is ploughed straight back in to make sure you get a high quality site to visit full of new inspirations and giveaways.

I can not be any more honest when I say that Inspired Camping has been developed purely from a love of the outdoor life, camping, glamping and a desire to share, motivate and inspire. Because when we share with you we get it back ten-fold and that, my happy camping friends, is why we do it.

So I’d like to raise a festive glass to you all and wish you a very happy and merry Christmas and look forward very much to our cool camping fun and discoveries throughout 2013.

Big smiles….


Picture Credits: Fisherton Farm & Inspired Camping

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