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Glamping Consultant Sarah Riley Highlights a “Tourism Turnaround”

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Glamping Consultant Sarah Riley and business adviser to hosts and owners around the world explores the ways these ‘staycations’ are shaping the industry.

Sarah Riley, Founder of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses, explores the ways in which ‘staycations’ and ‘glamping’ are turning the holiday industry on its’ head, in light of recent global events.

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Sarah has been immersed in hospitality services, glamping and marketing for over 20 years. Having previously jointly-managed a 5* boutique hospitality business, Sarah turned her hand to professional coaching, consulting and business advising. She inspires others to achieve their dreams of a successful, unique holiday rental.

Despite spinning her many plates, Sarah ensures she can always escape to the camping wilderness to do what makes her happy and enjoys foraging for wild foods and treasures in the great outdoors.

The Glamping Business And Staycation Trend

From very early on, the ‘staycation’ trend earned its name and gradually became more and more popular. A staycation is a period of vacation when an individual or family participates in leisure activities and short-term stays within driving distance of their home. In a short space of time, people began to see the appeal and it has been steadily increasing ever since.

In recent years the local hospitality industry has really stepped up a gear. It has offered more choice, higher standards and greater flexibility, through methods such as glamping, treehouses, hobbit holes, cabins, outdoor eco-resorts and many more.

Why is ‘glamping’ so perfectly placed in the holiday market?

The #TourismTurnaround is about the recovery of the holiday industry after the Covid-19 pandemic. The glamping industry is perfectly placed to recover well and continue to confidently operate during an unstable economy. How so?

Staycations And The Tourism Turnaround

Travelling is essential for all vacations, but if you could keep it to a minimum, why wouldn’t you? Long-distance journeys, changing of planes, waiting in airports, all use up precious time that could be added onto your break. Thus resulting in rest – not stress. Air travel as a mode of transport can cause huge amounts of undue stress alone, with added pressures of having to remember passports & tickets, suitcase weights, border restrictions, wearing a mask and general hygiene protection on the flight etc. It seems much more appealing to load some bags into the boot and choose some great tunes for the short car drive there!

Choices have increased and the explosion of potential places to stay, created by websites like Airbnb, has also had an effect, by appealing to holidaymakers looking for more of a “home from home” experience or an alternative bespoke adventure. Although it may not feel like it, we’ve had a run of relatively good summers, weather-wise, and when you can get a tan in Cornwall, why bother flying to the Canaries?

Distancing and socialising in outside spaces has now become a part of the ‘new norm’, yet that is something that is built into glamping in its very nature. Glamping provides a luxury, unique, nature experience. Secluded and at peace, you are able to reconnect with nature and reap the health benefits of being outdoors and enjoying quality family time.

A Glamping Consultant And Business Adviser’s Support

Now more than ever, Sarah’s consultancy and expertise need to be shared with others in the hospitality industry. Inspired Courses has been working alongside hundreds of business owners during this challenging time, running workshops to help them adapt and rise up to the challenges of the ever-changing industry and economic climate.

Glamping is an agile and malleable industry, allowing owners to adjust marketing and overall customer services, to meet any changes in future guests perceptions and needs.

“Business as usual” no longer exists, and the workshops aim to help ‘recession-proof your business’ by understanding exactly what needs to be done next, to gain strength in the wake of Covid-19, and prepare for a #TourismTurnaround.

To contact Sarah Riley to find out how she can help support you and your glamping business or unique holiday rental during this challenging time, visit Inspired Courses or listen to the Podcast.

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