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The Glamping Show UK 2020

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The Glamping Show UK 2020, from 17-30 September in the UK, is an event dedicated to bringing manufacturers and suppliers of every type of structure, product and service together in one place where new and existing businesses can explore the opportunities Glamping has to offer. We know many people from the USA and Europe who plan to fly to the UK to attend this 3-day event. That’s how good it is!

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But this year is a bit different as it will be virtual and face-to-face in response to the health crisis and the need to stick to social distancing protocols.

There are many reasons why you should attend the Show, including making it your opportunity to network with the experts, finding out about key information, trends, ideas and products, and keeping your finger on the pulse of what makes a glamping business successful.

Best of all you can register to attend for free, so make sure you visit the website and book your ticket before you go as daily attendee numbers are limited.

When Is It And Who Should Attend The Glamping Show UK?

The Show is open to new, emerging and existing businesses as well as glamping enthusiasts.  It will have heaps of information available for new glamping businesses and those who are dreaming of setting up a site in the future. The educational sessions will be held online during the virtual part of the show but there will be plenty of traders to speak to for those who want to attend in person.

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If I Attend in 2020 What Will I See?

There will be plenty of trade stands and people to speak to, following social distancing requirements so don’t forget your mask. You will still be able to walk into tents and other unique structures and ask in-depth questions about the materials and quality of the workmanship.

Will I Have An Opportunity To Talk To Experts?

Sarah Riley from Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses will be on hand to answer any questions you have about your new glamping idea, business or product during the virtual part of the show. Also, if you are struggling with the business planning stage, she can help you, so send an email and register to watch her 3 sessions planned for the show.

Sarah is a glamping business specialist and industry advisor and will be on hand to help hosts increase their guest bookings for 2021. You can also find her over on Inspired Courses where she offers educational workshops to help new owners set-up their new glamping business ideas and attract guests quickly.

One of her most popular sessions this year has been the Recession-Proof Workshop designed to help business owners stand strong in the face of a challenging year.

There are many seminars being offered at The Glamping Show for those just exploring this type of business, those already set up and those who have been operating for some time.

This is also your opportunity to learn about the eco options available when it comes to earth-friendly materials, utilities and services, and operating a business environmental off-grid.

If you are confused about planning permissions needed for your glamping idea, there will be experts available to help you tackle this complicated subject too.

Can I Speak To Booking Agents?

Using an agent to get bookings for your new business or to help you set it up from scratch can be a great way of launching quickly, so take the opportunity to meet those at the Show to find out what they could do for you, the fees they charge and their terms.

Will I Be Inspired By Demonstrations?

Yup, including:

  • Glamping Accessories from across the UK,
  • Inspiring structures from across the glamping industry,
  • Free informative seminars (provided online),
  • Plus many other socially distanced displays yet to be announced.

Explore With The Experts Every Element Of A Successful Glamping Business

You will get an opportunity to explore everything, go everywhere and talk to everyone in the glamping industry… and who knows where the next piece of golden inspiration will come from.

By exploring the unknown it’s very likely you’ll find something you didn’t expect… something amazing… and it might just inspire you to start a glamping business or expand the one you already have.

For more information, to register for your free ticket and get directions to Stoneleigh Park in the UK, please visit their website.

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Feature image: Sarah Riley and Max McMurdo with the Landrover hot tub, from the previous Glamping Show UK.

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