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New Police & Crime Bill Threatens to Criminalise Tens of Thousands of Britons Wild Camping in Vans This Summer


We need your voice! Last week a new Crime Bill completed the committee stage in parliament. Besides members of the general public who have embraced the traveller’s lifestyle, this Bill will also be used to criminalise;

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  • Campervan & Caravanners, who choose to ‘wild camp’ 
  • Individuals who ‘Work From Anywhere’ – newly released from office life during Covid 19
  • The burgeoning #VanLife movement
  • People living in campervans due to economic hardship
  • ‘Staycationers’, who choose to travel in their own vehicles or rented campervans & motorhomes (a rapidly growing group given the lack of international travel due to COVID19).
  • Traditional nomadic communities, such as Irish Travellers and so-called ‘new age travellers’

Considering that van dwellers and those wild camping in vehicles will face; 

A possible fine, or 3 months in prison, ‘and/or’ the confiscation of their vehicle……we cannot allow our human rights to further be curtailed, it’s time for us to act. 

A petition spearheaded by the author and documentary filmmaker Nick Rosen has been launched to demand amendments to the bill when it returns to the Lords.

We need at least 10,000 signatures to force the government to respond which will give us a fighting chance to force amendment. We need your voice so please take the time to sign this petition now.

Further links:

More information is available in an article published on Nick Rosen’s off-grid. net website


Parliamentary  TIMETABLE – showing that there is still time to amend it.

Again, we really need your voice so please take the time to sign this petition today.

Thank you

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