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Great Glamping And Camping Gift Ideas

Glamping and camping gift ideas for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, here’s our ultimate wish list full of great glamping and camping gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts who like to go camping on their terms. As always we’re here to help you smooth the edges of roughing it!

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Martin Dorey, Campervan Man 

Did you know that the Campervan Man is listing loads of great products on his website? On it you will find the original ‘Man Jam’, recommended books signed by their authors and great cooking equipment. He’s even offering unique campervan experiences in 2013 so keep watching this space if you want to get involved as we’ll be bringing you more details about this unique opportunity to hang out with Martin soon.

Happy Camping 

We Love… Swedish Firelighting Kit,  Stirling Moss Flask,  Enamel Coffee Pot,  V&A Rose Flask, Reefer Sails Vintage Wash Bag,  Reefer Sails Vintage Duffel Bag, Feuerhand Storm Lanterns in black, silver and red,  Granpa’s Firefork

The Glam Camping Company 

We Love… Reindeer Candles,  Lights Grand Maroq,  Faux Fur Hat,  Rustic Wooden T light HoldersDriftwood tree,  Reindeer Hide, Wow wireless Speakers

Baker And Bell 

We Love… Cobweave Blanket, Beechwood Torch, Kissing Stags Coolbag, Kuksa Drinking Cup, Tinder Box  

Best Made Company

We Love… Lensatic Cruiser Compass, Seamless And Steadfast Enamel Cups, Lumberlander Camp Blanket,

More Great Camping Gift Ideas

Camping Apps iTunes  We Love… camping apps and photography apps, all perfect for the campsite.

Biolite This fabulous energy producing camping stove is also cutting smoke inhalation deaths in the third world.

PowerPot The PowerPot allows you to go camping off-grid as it can charge your gear as you cook.

And finally, the ultimate camping gift idea would be to give a happy camper a unique camping experience.

We love… Thom Hunts (Three Hungry Boys) 7th Rise; 

Martin Dorey’s Campervan Experience; 

Flamenco Campers; Billy One Horn; and 

Canopy And Stars.

Inspired Camping

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