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Glamping Tents In The Himalayas

How about starting the day exploring rock carvings that have existed since neolithic times, while ending it in one of the highest quality glamping tents, all complete with delectable cuisines and personalised services?

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The Ultimate Travelling Camp is back with the widely popular region of Ladakh, an unbelievable mix of opulence and nomadic lifestyle set against carefully selected dramatic landscapes that prove luxury and nature can coexist happily together.

This camp, for adventurers and discerning travellers only, allows for the fascinating Ladakhi culture to be fully experienced, whilst basking in luxury.

Mobile Glamping Tents

These mobile luxury camps boast a reception, boutique, library, ensuite facilities with hot and cold running water, and butler and chef services. The tents are even triple layered with climate control to suit the needs of individual travellers.

So if you want to explore the Warila Valley, the enchanted Pangong Lake or see where the ancient art of Polo began, this might just be the place to start your Inspired Camping adventures.

Inspired Camping

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