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How To Build Your Glamping Business With Shepherds Huts

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In a renaissance of “staycations”, “Glamping” and other wanton portmanteaus, holidays in the UK are bigger than ever and the rising popularity of luxury camping means that couples, groups and families can enjoy a stylish and affordable break close to nature. New, exclusive and well-hidden destinations are launching with great success and many established campsites are branching into Boutique Camping whilst moving away from the dated imagery of cramped caravans and portaloos.

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As a result, many campsites and landowners are investing heavily in their facilities and accommodation to deliver something new and exciting for this growing market. Whether it’s the addition of a luxury Shepherds Hut, a yurt, tipi or a simple bell tent, a new arrival is great for helping that campsite stand out and increasing profits.

What many campsites old and new may lack however is the capital needed to make that investment. With a sudden rush to meet the needs of discerning campers, many stunning locations without the funds to invest are at risk of being left behind. How can a campsite with high potential but low capital get involved in Glamping?GLAMPING BUSINESS RESOURCES

In response to this The English Shepherds Hut Company, has decided to make the investment themselves in a number of selected high-end holiday businesses across the UK by providing their luxury Shepherds huts at no capital cost to the campsite.

By offering Shepherds Huts for Hire with a simple rental scheme in place, the campsites are free to make a profit with the huts, while focusing their own funds on branding and infrastructure, such as bathrooms and kitchen areas.

With purchase prices for a “fully glamped” luxury hut starting from about £14,000, the Shepherds Huts can sleep up to four on a cosy double, single and bunk beds in a choice of layouts. These spacious retreats and hideaways come with sheep wool insulation, gorgeous wood-burning stoves, making them a warm and cosy place to stay 365 days a year.

Bedding and firewood are provided, so guests simply need to arrive and relax. They even feature solar-powered lighting and phone chargers.

This makes them more practical for the campsite, which won’t have to invest capital in installing electrical cables, and great for the campers, many of whom may be lost in this day and age without their smartphones!

Even if purchased outright, a single hut could pay for itself within less than two years- At a rate of £70 a night; even just having 100 nights booked in a year (less than 30% occupancy) could generate £7000.

With their year-round appeal, they have a potentially higher number of bookable nights than an alternative tent, yurt or tipi.

With a rental share, whereby the hut is provided at no capital cost, starting from as little as £3,600 a year or £300 a month, a campsite can start generating profit instantly from bookings before even making their first payment!

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These huts were placed at sites like Deepdale Backpackers, Whitlingham Broad Campsite and Top Farm in Norfolk with great success in 2013 and this year The English Shepherds Hut Co. are building an additional ten free Shepherds Huts to provide to selected locations from boutique Glamping sites to outdoor wedding venues, such as Weddings and Wellies in Yorkshire. Not only this, but they can also be purchased as a dedicated

amenity and shower block or a mobile office.

So if you run or are starting up a campsite and think you could offer Shepherds Hut Glamping, get in touch with them on 01603 397777.

For more information on how to set up a glamping business, please read our informative article or take a look at our Ultimate Glamping Business Guide by Sarah Riley. 

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