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Crazy Camping Trends: The Gadgets And Accessories Glamping Inspires

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A long time ago, in a far, far away galaxy crazy camping used to be how children spent carefree summers eating tinned meat whilst sat around a campfire in fields and their backgardens, or for walkers to experience the fullness of the great outdoors as they tackle the three peaks or Hadrian’s wall.

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When it comes to crazy camping now, or rather glamping, there are some very different rules to staying in the great outdoors at camp sites and festivals compared to the early days of Woodstock and Glastonbury.

The latest gadgets that glampers have to have can range from the insane to the practical but both ends of the scale can make camping much more comfortable, in fact going glamping can be expensive but extremely comfortable – so comfortable that between the teepees and the kitchen sink, it’s like having the outdoor world in your living room.

This means that glamping is big business for lots of different companies and has seen big camping brands such as Teva creating products exclusively for glampers.

Battery Powered Fairy Lights For Glamping

Flower power girls and boys don’t have to rely on torches any more when out and about in the great outdoors, as there are battery powered fairy lights that can light up your tent with a soft and warm glow that is better than any lantern.

Using micro LEDs instead of typical fairy light bulbs, these strings of fairy lights last for hours and provide a surprisingly high output of light whilst using a tiny amount of energy from the batteries. Powered by AA batteries, battery powered fairy lights are a great addition to any glampers canvas palace.

Blow Up Campfire Sofa For Glamping

Being comfortable inside your tent when glamping is one thing, but when sat around the campfire, sitting on folding camping chairs or the ground are not the most inviting prospects. However there are some other options, the most fun and slightly ridiculous options is the blow up campfire sofa.

Like many items of blow up furniture it can be difficult to balance on these sofas and you will want to make sure the ground is free of sharp stones and glass shards before you set it down. Yet these blow up sofas are a great alternative to sitting on damp ground, a thin rug or chairs that fold up with you inside them. Just make sure that you take them inside if the wind gets up or you might just end up chasing them all over the countryside.

Crazy Glamping In High Heels

When it comes to the dress code for camping, most people avoid wearing high heels. Instead shoes such as walking boots or wellies have been the typical footwear to grace festivals and campsites for decades, but these are not the most elegant things for the fashion conscious to wear.

For those with dainty feet and a preference for co-ordination in their style, high heels are becoming more and more common when glamping. In fact if you go glamping without high heels then you really aren’t entering into the spirit of the thing.

Power Tanks To See You Through

With mobile phone signal being obtainable everywhere the only thing that stops you using your mobile phones and other electronic gadgets whilst glamping is the lack of access to a plug socket, but that now is a thing of the past.

With the development of solar powered technology and power storage you can get power tanks that will make glamping without electronic gadgets a thing of the past. Power tanks need charging, like your gadgets, before you can use them by plugging them into the wall or if you have a solar charger, by leaving them out in the sun. With solar panels you can keep charging your power tank and gadgets even when the skies are full of clouds.

Giant Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army knives have been the camper’s best friend for years, but the basic model has never been quite enough for glampers to get along with.

Enter the giant knife.

With more utensils than Inspector Gadget could ever dream of on this giant knife, there is nothing that a glamper can’t do when they are armed with the giant knife.

With 2015 not a stone’s throw away there seem to be even more new ideas waiting in the wings for glamping. With items like the wearable picnic blanket, the camping stove (that is more like a miniature oven) and the camping ice cream maker, the sky is really the limit for glamping gadgets.

So tell us… what’s your favourite or most barmy crazy camping or glamping gadget?

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