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In February 2014 we challenged ourselves to launch the most comprehensive guide for glamping businesses the outdoor industry has ever seen. It has been curated by industry experts to help camping and glamping providers take bold steps towards building successful businesses from scratch or to enhance what they already have. If you are one of these businesses then you’ll want to read on.

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The guide has received feedback from glamping business owners and those wanting to start up in this industry to really understand what will be helpful within the guide to help business owners avoid risks and introduce the best glamping business model for them.

There are many glamping business models and choosing the right want is essential if you want to make sure your business fits you and your family rather than the other way around. Knowing what options there are and what is succeeding in the glamping market is also essential, and will help you launch into the industry quickly while avoiding costly mistakes.

Glamping Business Models

After many years in the industry, experts have curated a long list of the different glamping business models available for those wanting to explore this market. Each model has advantages and disadvantages, while some are more successful than others.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Business owners have already been telling us about the specific problems they have been having on their glamping business development journey so far, so we can help others solve them in advance. Problems such as obtaining planning permission or writing their business plans. All this information is included in the Glamping Business Start-Up Guide.


Start Up And Launch Your Own New Glamping Business

The Ultimate Glamping Business Start-Up Guide was announced in 2014 and has been constantly developed to help new glamping businesses launch their own projects. Previous owners have been involved in every stage of the development over many years, together with experts, making this the most comprehensive course for those who take their new glamping business development seriously.

The guide is an online resource and available worldwide for anyone who wants to learn quickly so they can achieve quickly, giving their new project more of a chance of success.

Get Involved With Other Like-Minded Business Owners And The Experts

If you want to get involved in the most exciting movement in the glamping industry, join the Facebook group full of business owners and experts who are generously sharing their business development advice. You can request to become a member of this group by clicking here.

If you would like to talk to us about the guide and participate in the development of our glamping business resources please add your details in the comments box below or simply say hello.

Alternatively, you can sign up to our glamping and camping business network to find out about this and many other resources soon to be made available.

Also, when you are ready to launch your own glamping business plans make sure you get in touch. We’d love to hear more.

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The Ultimate Glamping Business Start-Up Plan

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