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How Therapists Are Using Glamping To Boost Their Business

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Wellness, health and yoga therapists are using glamping structures and events to boost their business as they ride the wave of popularity in wellness travel.

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Travellers now want to visit new places and enjoy experiences at the same time. This is becoming evident in the statistics surrounding the experiential travel industry, which also includes glamping. It is also being highlighted by the large investments currently being allocated in the US and Europe in this industry.

Growth In The Glamping Experiential Industry

There’s lots of big activity in the experiential industry at the moment. Specifically, I am referring to:

How Therapists Are Taking Advantage Of This Growth

Glamping naturally leans towards offering additional extra experiences such as yoga, massage, meditation and forest bathing. It also offers high-quality healthy foods, such as locally sourced, organic and outdoor reared. This is particularly interesting as wellness travel is also on the increase and is expected to generate $563 billion in earnings.

This is further evidence of why this industry is growing and how therapists providing many different forms of treatment continue to flourish.

But this isn’t the only way therapists are making the most of the growing industry. They are also using the business models available to access certain events to offer their services, using structures to deliver those services and enjoying joint venture arrangements to boost the number of customers they work with.

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Yoga Retreats

Yoga events are a growing trend and glamping businesses are finding this to be an excellent add-on experience they can offer their customers.  The added benefit for the customer is to feel more relaxed and stress-free before they return home.

Diet and Health

Learning about different ways to boost immunity, lose weight, food education, fermentation and detox strategies are very popular at the moment. This is an interesting angle for therapists and glamping businesses alike to use to attract new customers for their events.

Stress Reduction Retreats

Strategies to reduce stress and improve mood are more in demand than they’ve ever been. However,  now there are more studies showing us that being outdoors is great for your mental health, holidaymakers are choosing this type of vacation more and more, particularly for short and mid-week breaks and where there are specific therapists available, such as with BetterHelp.

Beauty Therapies and Spas

Both for the owner of a glamping site and also a therapy provider, this is proving to be a very powerful way to improve a vacation for holidaymakers and therefore the likelihood they will return again and again.

Festival Wellness

Many people attend festivals with the mindset of exploring different experiences they’ve never had before. This might include massage therapy, sound baths and Tia Chi. Whatever they decide to take part in makes the event unforgettable for them and the experience very profitable for the therapist or the event organiser. It’s win-win.

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