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Indulge Yourself In Luxury Under The Stars

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Since 2014, the number of campers who camp three or more times a year has increased 64 per cent. This is just one of many impressive camping statistics in support of the growing viewpoint that “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit,” as stated by author Edward Abbey. It’s also something we’ve been talking about for years.

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Still, though it may be a necessity, camping today can be quite luxurious. From crashing in the back of your van to luxury outdoor spas, camping has come a long way from the old image of “roughing it.”

Options for today’s camper

When you think of embarking on an outdoor adventure, a road trip is generally the first thing that comes to mind. Of course, you want to be sure you’re safe on the road, so while you’re planning your trip, consider checking to make sure your vehicle is in top running condition. Then you can get creative with conveniences of all types to take along or add to your vehicle. You might even consider getting a vehicle in which you can feel right at home. There are vans that actually convert into spaces you are able to stand and cook in, with enough available energy to make it comfortably through the night. You can also fly somewhere to enjoy the experience of another, more exotic landscape. There are destinations all over the world with camping facilities that include the creature comforts of a fine hotel.

Camping beyond your wildest dreams

There are so many unimaginably cool advancements in camping equipment that you might even prefer it to the amenities of a hotel. Interconnecting camping tents, for instance, make it possible to have multiple connecting rooms for everyone on the trip. How about a winter hammock insulator for cool weather lounging? There are even tents that take energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. Just think, you can avoid the hassle of check-in and enjoy a natural spa as opposed to squeezing into a Jacuzzi filled with strangers, not to mention the sound of nearby televisions and doors slamming at all hours of the night.

Expand your experience and still keep it simple

Whether you choose to camp in a far-away destination or road trip to a nearby site, it is good to remember, wherever you go, you will be looking at the same beautiful stars. After all, the point of camping is to commune with nature, no matter if you are microwaving your s’mores in a decked-out RV or roasting marshmallows over an open fire.

Happy – and comfortable – camping.

Inspired Camping

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