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Discover Camping: Top 10 Reasons To Visit A Campsite

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There are many reasons why someone may decide to go camping for the first time, so we wanted to share our top 10 for any newbie campers out there who want to discover camping:

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  1. Exciting: From packing your Ready Bag to planning your route, camping is exciting to prepare for, and if you choose the right accessories it can be really easy too. From camping Apps to recipe books, there are loads to help you on your way;
  2. Environment: It’s great for those who want to be earth friendly and go off grid with their own energy sources;
  3. Wellness: It’s really good for your mind, body and soul;
  4. Exercise: You’ll get to take part in activities you don’t normally get involved in that will give your body a workout; for both kids and adults;
  5. Sociable: There’s nothing like a bit of campsite schmoozing around the campfire to make you a happy camper;
  6. Frugal: Once you’ve got the kit it’s one of the cheapest holidays you can have, with plenty of free camping kicks;
  7. Unusual: There are so many different ways to go camping you can pick something very unusual, glamorous and stylish;
  8. Nature: Returning to nature, we believe, is a basic needs and therefore one of the best kept secrets about why we love camping;
  9. Emergency Preparedness: If ever the unthinkable happens camping can help you prepare skills and gather equipment to deal with it;
  10. Stories: Campers always have an adventure on a road trip and love to take photographs… and then get to share them with us!

So if you had never been camping before, what one piece of advice would you like to receive? Use the comments section below to share your experience with us.

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