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Top European Glamping Destinations

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Within a short distance from its bustling metropolitan centres, Europe offers a range of remote locations ideal for the glamper’s true paradise. The relatively close proximity of countries within the European Union means that glampers can move easily between different regions to survey luxurious campsites across the continent. When choosing a glamping hotspot for your vacation, it’s important to think about travelling logistics and activities for your trip, so that you can determine which region best suits your individual needs.

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Some Glamping Logistics

Before embarking on the European glamping adventure of a lifetime, there are some practical things you will want to consider. For non-EU nationals, it’s generally recommended to obtain travellers insurance for basic medical necessities and lost or stolen personal items. Most of the EU has top-rate medical facilities, but these can run costly if you’re not a resident. Depending on your home country, you may be limited in what camping equipment you can bring without running up costs from airport baggage fees. Fortunately, however, many European glamping accommodations are fully kitted-out for your needs, which should minimize necessities that you will need to take with you.

Glamping in the Scottish Highlands

During Europe’s warm summer months, the Scottish Highlands are something of a safe-haven for vacationers looking for a cool, quiet escape. In a region comprised of sweeping landscapes and some of the lowest population density levels in Europe, the Highlands offer gorgeous beaches, mystic fairy pools and immense mountainous regions for camp dwellers. As part of the country’s steadfast commitment to ecological protection, Scotland offers some of the world’s top eco-villages and environmentally-friendly glamping sites in the world. You can even stay in an entirely sustainable treehouse designed to give visitors a view of the Highlands from the perch of a canopy. When retreating in the Highlands, it’s important to bring rain gear and extra layers for unpredictable weather. However, most glamping homestays are well prepared for the elements: so you can tuck in after a long day of nature’s wandering to a dry, cosy atmosphere.

French Glamping Destinations

According to a UN report, France contains 36% of the EU’s campsite accommodations. More recently, longtime French campsite staples have undergone a glamping renovation to allow visitors more luxury during their stay. There are campsites peppered across the French countryside, but some absolute favourites include La Sirene in Argelès-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean Sea and Camping Le Saint Martin on the Atlantic ocean. Glamping on the Mediterranean offers visitors the option to survey rich, savouring foods the region has to offer, in addition to traditional camp food such as soups and meals cooked over the fire.

Europe’s long tradition of campsite retreats provides a rich thread of travel destinations for the aspiring glamper. Each country and even each campsite brings something totally new to the table: all of which promise to keep your stay pleasant and comfortable while sleeping in nature’s doorway.

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