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Welcome To Inspired Camping

Welcome to Inspired Camping the cool camping magazine

Hello and welcome to our new FREE online Cool Camping Magazine.

We’re a cool camping information creator, aggregator, developer and inspirer. Motivated by our own passion for camping and the outdoors we intend to work hard to bring you tips and tricks from across the web, while adding our own secret sauce to spice things up a bit.

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We’re the first to admit we’re not camping experts.

In fact we’re actually camping dreamers… but we’re pretty expert at it!

Oh yes, and the added bonus is we do actually know who the experts are and we’ll be working with them to bring you high quality, cool, retro, vintage, funky and eco-friendly camping inspirations together in one place. Right here! Yay!

There will be tried and tested tips, tricks, products, practical ideas and loads of other information including things you may not even have heard of. We’ll be publishing news, recipes, activities and ideas on camping to a budget, while giving you ideas on what you can forage and make while you’re there. We’ll also be focussing on family friendly ideas for camping and how to make them as stress free as possible.

But Inspired Camping wouldn’t be anything without you and this is why we want to hear your stories, recommendations, knowledge and ideas.

We know it’s a bit like dropping your pants in public but we’d love you to share your inspirations with us.

So be courageous… we promise not to laugh or be judgemental… just very, very supportive. Did we mention we’re simply lovely… and a tiny bit cheeky too (we’re giving you a big toothy smile right now!)

We’d love to consider you a regular visitor here so don’t forget to add your email address to get article updates, a regular newsletter and access to free bonuses. And the best bit is…

  1. It’s free… hooray!
  2. It saves you time
  3. You’ll get there first before anyone else
  4. You’ll have exclusive access to free gifts and bonuses
  5. We’ll never share your information with anyone else; and
  6. You can unsubscribe at any time.

So what are you waiting for?

Come join the party at our campsite. Together we’re gonna rock n’ roll!

Inspired Camping

Picture Credit: Inspired Camping

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