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6 Guilty Camping Trends That Will SHOCK You!

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We are constantly on the lookout for new glamping and camping trends, and this time we’ve found a few that will shock you.

If you want to take part in these guilty camping pleasures all you need are a good pair of heels, your birthday suit and an aggressive animal or two!

Here’s how…

Camping In Heels

You may think that anyone attempting to camp in anything other than the right gear deserves to get into trouble. But there’s a new group of campers who disagree. Camping in heels is rapidly becoming the new glamping obsession, which insists that even those who love their creature comforts are able to go outdoors with their normal luxuries. So whether it’s for a Hen party, wedding soiree, or glamping festival, this new camping pleasure is set to continue, despite the odd twisted ankle!

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Naked Hiking

There are many people who like to experience nature and friends without clothing but these are often confined to naturist campsites specifically for that purpose. However the new trend of hiking in your ‘birthday suit’ is also emerging, which may just be coming to a trail near you soon!

Dirty Tricks Camping

Many caravans have their water supply outside the vehicle, which is fed inside by a pump and hose.This has left it vulnerable to dirty tricks that some people have been playing on campers. So if you use this type of system you might want to consider getting a secure lid on your water container so that salt and other nasties aren’t added the next time you visit the campsite.

Red Room Of Pain Camping…. In A Yurt!

Inspired by the book, ’50 Shades Of Grey’, there have been rumours that this type of camping is catching on. So whether it shocks or interests you, it may just be happening at a campsite near you.

Glamping On The Roof

There’s a new trend of hotel roof camping in cities such as New York and Boston. However, before you starting thinking of jumping on the band wagon, you might want to know what participating hotels have been trying to keep quiet. It seems that noise and air pollution have become a real issues for city roof dwellers who want to try this type of camping, and something that many in the trade have been trying to cover up.

Camping With Aggressive Animals

Finally, and definitely not recommended by us, some tricksters have been caught putting aggressive animals into tents. Thankfully we have very few wild animals to be afraid of in the UK, but small alligators and other beasts have been directed into tents in other countries only to be found by the unhappy camper later on.

Our advice… keep your camping trips simple and watch out for tricksters!

Have you heard of any shocking camping trends or activities?

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