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Is ‘Wamping’ One Of The New Camping Trends of 2013?

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Spring 2013 has been the coldest experienced within the past 50 years. The Met Office reported that this March was one of the most frigid on record. With snow still falling in May and many traditional holiday hotspots facing dreary weather conditions, our hopes for a sunny UK summer seem to be dwindling.

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But don’t let the miserable weather get you down! Campers certainly haven’t, and with over £10,000 worth of new camping and outdoor gear being given away it seems there are plenty of happy campers out there.

A recent survey by Campsites UK found that 65% of British campers wouldn’t let a wet summer spoil their holiday by forcing them to go home. A gloomy forecast doesn’t seem to deter hardy campers from pitching their tents in all kinds of weather. Indeed, only 35% of those who responded to the survey said they would go home at the first sign of rain.

Does this mean wamping (wet camping – also called ‘damping’) is one of the newest camping trends?

Wet weather camping doesn’t mean what it used to. Innovative equipment has made the modern camping experience a far cry from visions of soggy tents and sleeping bags. Sturdy, warm and waterproof gear ensure an enjoyable time, despite the mixed bag of weather here in the UK.

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Of course, new camping technology isn’t the only thing making wamping an attractive option. 23% of holidaymakers who responded to the survey stated that the current economy has made them more likely to choose camping this year. Indeed, most already had at least two camping holidays planned.

So embrace wamping and enjoy an affordable holiday regardless of what Mother Nature rains down.

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About the author: Melissa Mayer is the Website Content and Marketing Coordinator for Campsites UK, a directory of campsite and caravan parks covering hundreds of locations throughout the UK.

About Campsites UK: Campsites UK has been helping campers and caravanners find their perfect campsite or caravan park since 2003 via

The directory covers hundreds of locations and gives a great choice of options throughout the UK, from Lands End to John O’Groats and back again. A powerful search function helps holidaymakers find exactly what they are looking for – whether a simple tent pitch or a luxury lodge – making finding the right destination easy, so you can concentrate on enjoying the journey.

Picture Credits: Shutterstock supplied by Campsites-uk.

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